10 ideal tech gifts for runners

In addition to basic equipment, running enthusiasts always love useful technology items such as metric bands, smartwatches and wireless headphones.

Whether beginner or professional, runners always want to equip with good quality accessories. Not only supporting exercise, some devices also help restore physical strength, ensure safety and enhance efficiency.

These are the ideal and useful tech accessories for running enthusiasts.
Garmin Running Dynamics Pod
Price 1.6-1.8 million (depending on the store)

Tracking stats when running is an important factor to help you improve the effectiveness of your workout. Therefore, devices like Garmin Running Dynamics Pod will be a good assistant.

The device is capable of tracking a variety of data including running cadence, stride length, landing time and body bounce. The parameters are sent to the Garman smartwatch or smartphone in real time.

The Garmin accessory supports 1 ATM water resistance, over a year of battery life, and the ability to power itself on. The device weighs only 14g, so it’s not too bulky to clip onto clothes.
Shokz OpenRun Pro
Price 5 million dong

Shokz is a brand specializing in the production of bone-conduction headphones. The company’s products have an over-ear design that hugs the ear tightly, avoiding falling when exercising vigorously.

OpenRun Pro version possesses good sound quality, significantly improved bass. With 2 noise-cancelling microphones, you can jog while talking on the phone with clear sound.

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The product weighs 29 g, Bluetooth 5.1 connection, supports IP55 water / dust resistance standard. The headset’s battery gives up to 10 hours of use, supports fast charging to replenish 1.5 hours after 5 minutes of charging.

Polar Verity Sense
Price 2.7 million VND

Compared to a smartwatch or smart band, a dedicated heart rate monitor provides accurate and fast data.

Polar Verity Sense supports wearing on the arm or arm, helps to fix it well and does not move when active. You can also attach the device to your swimming goggles for water activities.

The product supports connecting to smartphones by Bluetooth, built-in internal memory to save data, battery for up to 20 hours of use.
Under Armor HOVR Mega 2 Clone
Price 2.2 million VND

If you don’t like wearables, you can choose Under Armor’s HOVR Mega 2 Clone line of sneakers.

With a built-in sensor system, the shoes can measure speed, cadence and stride length, and then send it to the MapMyRun app on smartphones.

From the above parameters, you can adjust your running habits and techniques to enhance training efficiency.
Garmin Forerunner 255 Music
Price 10.3 million

If you need a comprehensive tracking device with many smart features, the Garmin Forerunner 255 is the right smartwatch for runners.

The watch has a screen size of 1.3 inches with the ability to see clearly in the sun. The product’s battery life can reach 14 days, supporting many training modes, including triathlon including swimming, running and cycling.

The parameters that Forerunner 255 can track such as running rate, stride length, time to land or heart rate. The device can also analyze to make recommendations for adjustments and appropriate goals.

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The smartwatch’s internal memory allows storing 500 songs, the Spotify app helps you listen to music while you exercise.
Bose Frames Tempo
Price 8.5 million VND

This is a sunglasses with the ability to play music. The product uses anti-sweat material, combined with silicone for a light and comfortable wearing feeling for a long time.

The manufacturer says Frames Tempo has a battery life of up to 8 hours, supports 2 microphones for talking and a touch volume control system. Lenses use high-quality plastic, polarized mirror coating to help block harmful rays to the eyes.
Beats Fit Pro
Price 4.6 million

A traditional headset designed for sports can also satisfy you. In particular, Beats Fit Pro stands out with many personality colors, bent ears for better fixation.

Unlike other Beats headphones, Beats Fit Pro is equipped with Apple’s H1 chip, supporting many AirPods-like features such as active noise cancellation, 360-degree sound (Spatial Audio), crosstalk mode and easy connectivity. easily with iPhone or iPad.

Beats Fit Pro’s battery life is up to 6 hours, an additional 18 hours for the charging case. The USB-C port makes it easy to find a charging source for your headset in times of emergency.
Theragun Elite
Price 10 million VND

After each exercise, you may feel tired or sore. Therefore, Theragun’s massage machine helps to quickly regain a sense of comfort.

Thanks to the ability to connect to the application on the smartphone, the device will provide detailed instructions on how to use and massage position to suit each type of movement.

The Theragun Elite’s battery life gives about 2 hours of use after each charge. The OLED screen helps you to recognize the intensity of the machine’s vibration. Not only for runners, the device is very suitable for office workers who often sit on the machine for a long time.
Garmin Index S2
Price 4 million VND

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Weight monitoring is an essential element for you to capture body parameters after running, thereby evaluating training effectiveness.

Similar to many other smart scales, the Garmin Index S2 not only measures body weight, but also records fat percentage, bone mass, water percentage and BMI. Data is synced with the Garmin Connect smartphone app.

Garmin’s smart scale model uses 4 AAA batteries, for up to 9 months of use. The device supports storing parameters for 16 different users, can display the weather forecast to help you easily plan a new day.
Klarus HR1 Plus
Price 1.2 million VND

Headlights are an indispensable accessory if you often run in the evening or early morning.

Not only does it help improve visibility in dark environments, using lights helps others see you on the road.

Klarus’ HR1 Plus headlight model has a brightness of 600 lumens, light weight, a maximum lighting distance of 90 m, supports IPX6 waterproof standard for use in heavy rain conditions.

The product is equipped with a 2,000 mAh battery, for 4-32 hours of use (depending on brightness).

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