16-Year-Old Chihuahua Set For Euthanasia Gets One More Chance At Life

Bitty, a 16-year-old Chihuahua, did not have the happiest life growing up.

He was found on the street by local rescuers and was brought to a shelter. But, when the staff saw that he was tilting his head to the side and constantly shaking, they gave up hope and signed him to be euthanized.

However, Bitty had some other plans.

Better Life

portrait of an elderly chihuahua looking at the camera
Source: @little_bitty_boy

Luckily, somebody at the shelter decided to take the pup into temporary care, hoping to put him in a permanent home.

Gloria was a worker at a vet clinic who would foster dogs that she worked with. When she saw that Bitty was looking for a forever home, she decided to foster him and see how good of a fit this little puppy would be to her family.

After six months, Bitty became one of Gloria’s 13 dogs.

the look of a cute chihuahua
Source: @little_bitty_boy

New Life

Unfortunately, Bitty’s health didn’t improve right away.

At first, he wasn’t eating or drinking any water and Gloria suspected that this had something to do with his past life.

“He’s been through a lot. Sometimes I wish he could tell me, but at the same time, I’m happy that he can’t because it would break my heart what he’s gone through,” said Gloria.

After Gloria saw that Bitty was a pup who was determined to get better, she decided to do her best and give him the life he deserved.

cute chihuahua wrapped in a blanket
Source: @little_bitty_boy

With time, Bitty got better and better, showing off his true, loving personality.

He’s very calm and confident and he’s just a really gentle quiet dog. He’s very expressive too without being super vocal. He’ll make little sounds every now and then just to express what he wants.  

Bitty’s vets were shocked when they saw just how much this dog improved. He transformed from a puppy who just wanted to lie down and disappear to a dog who adores being outdoors, running around.

a woman is holding a chihuahua in her arms, which has closed its eyes
Source: @little_bitty_boy

However, he hasn’t just transformed his own life, but Gloria’s as well.

He is truly the light of my life. I keep asking him how could he ever live on the streets.  

Judging from his behavior, Gloria suspects Bitty of being surrounded by cats in his past life.

He has many cat-like manners, such as grooming himself or just loving to be in the company of cats in general.

Whatever it is, his family is all about it and they see him as even more special!

cute chihuahua licks herself
Source: @little_bitty_boy

There was something about him where I just felt like you’re meant to be with me and I’m meant to take care of you.

Final Word

After beating all odds, this senior pup is living a life filled with love and adoration.

Being surrounded by not only adoring hoomans, but also the best furry friends ever, Bitty gets to enjoy every aspect of life, from running around to sleeping and cuddling on the couch.

And, he deserves every single bit of it!

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