6-Week-Old Puppy Dumped In A Dark Cardboard Box In Front Of A Local Shelter

All canines are worthy of having owners who adore them and make them feel safe and cared for. Sadly, there are some cruel dog owners who let these faithful and lovely creatures down. They abandon them without caring what happens to them afterwards.

In today’s story, we’ll talk about Gibbs, a delightful, 6-week puppy who knows exactly how it feels to be abandoned. The little pooch was left in a dark cardboard box in front of a shelter at night.

Feeling scared, he started crying for help, hoping that someone would hear him and rescue him.

Finding A Tiny Surprise

brown box on a wooden bench
Source: Eunoia Rescue

In the middle of the night, a staff member at a shelter in Orangeburg, South Carolina, realized that they forgot to do something. They headed back to the shelter. 

As they approached the entrance, they were surprised to see a cardboard box on the nearby bench. It was labeled ‘small’.

Just when they were about to open it and see what was inside, they heard cries for help. They quickly opened the box and saw a pair of the sweetest and most innocent puppy eyes looking at them.

puppy in the box
Source: Eunoia Rescue

There was a sad, but hopeful expression on the puppy’s face. The employee immediately took him inside. The pooch, later named Gibbs, was relieved to be found by a good human who fed him and took care of him.

The shelter staff member was saddened that the little pawdorable pup was dumped after hours. They were glad that they returned to the shelter that night. 

Moving To A Foster Home

puppy eating food
Source: Eunoia Rescue

The following day, the shelter posted about the tiny abandoned puppy on Facebook. As soon as the staff at Eunoia Rescue, located in Charleston, South Carolina, saw the shelter’s post, they decided to take the sweet pup into their care.

Their hearts melted as soon as they saw him for the first time. They couldn’t believe that somebody could have abandoned such a pawdorable little puppy. 

They gave him a nice bath to clean him and to remove all the fleas and worms he was covered in. Other than that, the wonderful pooch was alright. His new shelter friends cuddled him, and gave him a lot of love.

Gibbs moved to a foster home, and he enjoys being loved on and taken care of.

“He LOVES other dogs and acts like he weighs 50 pounds instead of just a measly 4 pounds and will chase all his foster siblings around. He’s happy, healthy and just waiting to be big enough to be neutered before he’s adopted,” Eunoia Rescue said.

I’m very happy that good people saved Gibbs’ life and gave him the care and love he needed. There is no doubt that the beautiful pup will swiftly find a great family and a loving home that he deserves.

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