A Big Dog Family Abandoned By Their Owners Refuse To Leave The Spot Where They Last Saw Them

Seeing a family of abandoned doggos on a street is a sorrowful sight. Left all alone, with only the company of each other, many pups end up in terrible conditions, completely cut off from basic supplies.

One such story comes from Southern California, where a trio of pups was dumped next to the Magic Johnson park in Los Angeles. The puppies were found huddled together on the sidewalk, refusing to leave the spot where they last saw their family.

Their situation seemed like a lost cause until a group of giant-hearted rescuers received a call that would change everything – for the better!

Waiting For Their Family To Return

Three little dogs sitting on the street
Source: Facebook.com

Local residents spotted three canines – a dog girl and her two brothers standing on the sidewalk with their backs glued to each other. According to them, the pups were abandoned by their family who dumped them out of their car and drove away.

At first, the trio refused to leave the sidewalk, waiting for the car to drive back, but no person ever came back. After a while, as the temperature rose, they searched for shelter under a nearby car.

Dogs laying under the car
Source: Facebook.com

Even then, all three of them stuck together, curling up against each other and, in a way, having each other’s back.

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Logan’s Legacy Team To The Rescue

The neighbors called Suzette Hall, of Logan’s Legacy rescue, from Irvine, California, but she was unable to drive to the spot at the time. Instead, she sent two of her colleagues who found the puppies right where they were told they’d be.

They were all covered in ticks and their fur was completely matted. The canines were in terrible condition and they needed help as soon as possible.

“Dumped at a park together. Covered in ticks, matted so bad they couldn’t even poop, and tons of creepy-crawling ticks. They stayed right where they were left, and stuck together,” Suzette wrote on her Facebook page.

Three little puppies standing in front of camera
Source: Facebook.com

Hall and her other volunteers usually use a humane trap to lure dogs to a van, but that was not the case today. The female doggo went straight to her rescuers after she was offered some food, and two of her brothers followed. 

Suzette Hall:

“These sweet babies will never, ever have to wait again. They are rescued.”

Even in the van, the fantastic trio refused to leave each other’s side. They stayed next to each other throughout the whole ride to a volunteer’s home.

Doggos Waiting For Someone To Adopt Them

Three puppies sitting in the back of the car
Source: Facebook.com

Once they got to the temporary home, Arturo Flores, one of the volunteers, spent two hours shaving them down to free them from the ticks. It was a complex process, but eventually, the pups felt much better!

They were named Damien, Polly, and Barkley right before they were moved to a foster home. According to Hall, these canines were special due to the amazing bond they had the entire time.

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Even after they were saved, they refused to separate from each other, which is generally not the case with other dogs.

That’s why she hopes that when the time comes, they will have the opportunity to go to a furever home as a group. 

But, at least until then – they will surely spend all of their time together, guarding each other like they used to do on the street!

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