A Dog Dumped At Elementary School Found A Family Of His Dreams

Normally, we consider our dogs to be cherished members of our families, but I guess not all people feel that way. 

The unfortunate truth is that many dogs face heartless abandonment in the most inhumane and cruel ways without any regard to the profound impact such abandonment can have on those innocent animals. 

Imagine what it would be like if your family abandoned you somewhere on the street without a word?

After his owner heartlessly abandoned him at an elementary school, this poor pup was so scared of everything that he hid behind a building from everyone. 

Dog With A Heart-Shaped Mark

a terrified dog peeks out from behind the wall
Source: Hope For Paws 

Hope For Paws, a non-profit rescue organization from California, received a call about a small dog that was abandoned at a local elementary school. 

The two rescuers arrived at the location as soon as possible.  

The poor dog was so scared of everything and everyone that he simply hid behind the building in a very narrow passage, and he wouldn’t come out. 

He was there for about two weeks. 

Considering that the building was an elementary school, the staff decided that calling experienced rescuers was the best solution.  

portrait of a thrown dog behind the school
Source: Hope For Paws 

The rescuers used baby gates to block off the surrounding area in order to prevent the dog from escaping. 

But, he was just lying there on a pile of leaves, completely terrified. 

A cheeseburger seemed to do the trick. He probably hadn’t eaten anything in days, so when the rescuer threw him a piece of the cheeseburger, he immediately started to open up. 

Still, you could see the fear in his eyes. He was so nervous. 

Slowly, step by step, he started to come closer to the rescuer, enough for her to pick him up. 

“It was very tough to reach him in such a small space. JoAnn decided to secure him with the gentle snare and pull him out,” Hope For Paws said.  

cute brown dog in a cage
Source: Hope For Paws 

After a couple of minutes of gentle reassurance, he finally calmed down. They decided to name him Rufus. 

Happily Ever After 

the rescued dog looks at the camera with a sad look
Source: L A Animal Rescue

They loaded Rufus in their vehicle and brought him to the hospital, where he got checked up and bathed. 

He was such a good boy throughout the whole process. He knew he was finally in good hands. 

After only two weeks, you could see such a difference in his behavior. Rufus still had some insecurities, but he was overall much happier and more playful. 

L A Animal Rescue agreed to take him in while he waited for his forever family. 

“He’s about 2 yr old and a beagle/corgi/spaniel mix. He’s good with dogs & all people. He’s working on potty training but a fast learner,” the rescue wrote in their Facebook post.  

a smiling loving couple is holding a brown dog in their arms
Source: L A Animal Rescue

About a month or so later, Rufus was thankfully adopted into a wonderful family in Camarillo, California. 

Rufus found his happily ever after and is living a wonderful life. 

the dog sits on the floor with a scarf around its neck and looks at the camera
Source: L A Animal Rescue

And, just like his little bandana says, Rufus is indeed a superman, or should I say, a super dog. It takes a lot of courage to overcome fears and learn to trust people once again.

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