A Dog Given Less Than A Year To Live Rejoices When He Finds His New Family

Bear, the dog, has one of those smiles that can light up the whole room as soon as he puts it on display.

Even though his life story is nothing to smile about, Bear’s happy personality kept shining through even in his toughest times.

Bear’s Rescue

portrait of a smiling dog standing on the tiles and looking at the camera
Source: @this_is_houston

After spending eight years on a cold street, Bear was finally saved by ThisIsHouston rescue.

Even though he was really scared of the rescuers at first, Bear decided to give in. It was as if he knew he was going somewhere safe.

“As we tried to capture him, someone pointed out a house to which Bear belonged to, [so] we went to speak with that resident. She’d been feeding him for 8 years,” said Laura Forma, cofounder of the rescue.

a smiling dog lies on the tiles
Source: @this_is_houston

When they finally got close to Bear, they noticed a huge mass on his face. As soon as they saw it, they knew that the dog needed immediate medical attention.

He wouldn’t have made it another day on his own. The mass weighed three and a half pounds when it was surgically removed. It’s sad to think he had to lug that thing around for so long.

Resilient Doggo

Unfortunately, the mass wasn’t the only medical issue Bear was facing.

After a few exams, the medical staff found out that Bear was suffering from heart failure, along with heartworm disease, carcinoma, and lymphoma.

a smiling dog lies in a car
Source: @this_is_houston

His vets determined that he has between three and twelve months to live. However, since Bear just found out what it felt like to be loved, he did not plan to leave this world just yet.

He goes to the vet weekly, [and] we’re happy to report that he’s been in remission for a couple months now. As of today, there are no signs of cancer. He’s doing great!

When the vets saw just how resilient Bear was, they knew that they couldn’t give up on him. He is in ongoing care for all of his other ailments.

He’s rainbows and sunshine. He’ll wake up pacing around the house with a smile, and woofing at us. He starts every day off being happy.

beautiful smiling dog
Source: @this_is_houston

Forever Home

After seeing how Bear managed to keep a smile on his face even in his hardest battles, Laura and her partner, Tom, decided to make him a permanent member of their loving family.

It’s crazy to think this perfect boy was a street dog all of his life. He’s a constant reminder that life goes on and life can get better. To go through all that he went through and to still be happy today, that is so many life lessons right there. He gives us purpose.

a dog that doesn't take the smile off its face
Source: @this_is_houston

Bear now leads a life filled with nothing but love and adoration, and his new favorite thing in the world – car rides. He also makes sure to give all that love right back to his hoomans.

He exuberates life and happiness. It’s nearly impossible to be around him, or even look at him and not smile.

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