A Dog Met A New Friend, But Couldn’t Play With Him Until He Dug A Tunnel Under His Fence

Dogs are known to be fairly resourceful when they put their minds to something. They have this unshaking resolve that makes me surprised to see the things they can accomplish.

It’s these little things that make them such perfect companions for humans. However, not everything they do is for us.

Sometimes, they like to play with other animals, and they will do anything they can to befriend them. 

In this story, we will talk about a dog who tried to dig a small tunnel under a fence so he could meet his neighbor’s dog.

A Very Intelligent Dog

the dog is trying to climb the fence
Source: Dog Blog

When this beautiful and kind dog first saw a new dog across the neighbor’s fence, he was so happy to see him.

His mom had lifted him up high enough, so he saw their entire back yard and his new friend.

Now, there was a small problem. The dog was really impatient and wanted to meet his new neighbor as soon as possible.

So, he started crafting a very well-thought-out plan on how to reach him and give him a warm welcome.

He could not see him that good through the fence or interact in any way, so he tried something that might be a bit problematic.

Digging A Small Hole Under A Fence

cute dog digs under the fence
Source: Dog Blog

He dug a small hole under the fence where he could peek through and even crawl to the other side.

He greeted him warmly and the neighbor’s dog was also really excited to see a new face.

After meeting his new friend, Buster, who had just moved there from Cleveland, he was just excited to have someone he could play with all the time.

The two of them would just run around the yard and have so much fun together.

two brown dogs are playing in the meadow
Source: Dog Blog

Their owners believe that this is the start of a wonderful friendship between the two of them.

If anything, this story is a great sign to all owners that dogs also need stimulation from other dogs they can play with.

Remember, they are social animals, about as much as we are, and it’s important for a lot of them to have friends.

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