A Dog Walking In The Park Suddenly Recognizes The Woman On The Bench

It’s a well-known fact that dogs have a superior sense of smell and have an uncanny ability to discern scents, especially those of their loved ones. 

However, do dogs recognize the smell of their owners after being separated from them for some time?

Well, this heartwarming story proves that love knows no distance or time apart, even when it comes to dogs and their human friends. 

The Power Of Sniff

smiling woman and dog in the park
Source: Valeria Navarro via The Dodo

Valeria Navarro and her Belgian Malinois named Harley have always had an incredible bond. From the moment her family adopted him almost seven years ago, she fell in love with this dog. 

Luckily, Harley seemed to love Valeria just as much, if not even more. 

“He’s the love of my life! We have such a connection. He’s literally the thing I love most in the world,” Valeria told The Dodo. 

For a couple of years, the pair spent almost every single day together. 

However, sadly, due to life circumstances, the two had to separate for a little while. It was the first time they had spent such a prolonged time apart. 

She couldn’t go one day without thinking about her furry friend at home.

a beautiful girl lies with her head resting on her dog
Source: Valeria Navarro via The Dodo

Valeria left to live abroad in hopes of finding a job, and after six months, she finally got the chance to visit Harley. 

She wanted to surprise him somehow, so they thought of a wonderful plan. 

While her family took Harley for a walk in their local park, Valeria sat on a park bench with her hoodie over her head. Her back was also turned, so there was no way of recognizing her just by looking at her. 

Will Harley be able to recognize her scent after six months apart? 

Reuniting With His Best Friend

It certainly didn’t take long for Harley to recognize Valeria.

In fact, it took just one whiff, and he immediately jumped into her lap.  

“He recognized me! I was so happy. My heart exploded. He was so excited, and it was amazing,” Valeria told The Dodo. 

Watch how the surprise unfolded:

“We’re like soul mates. When we’re together, we both feel better,” Valeria said. 

You can tell just how much they love each other just by looking at the video.

After experiencing this kind of happiness once again, Navarro decided to put her plans of moving abroad to a halt… at least for now. 

Hopefully, one day, Harley can go with her. 

If you loved the video above, here’s the special moment filmed from Valeria’s perspective: 

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