A Heroic Dog Saves His Mom From A Speeding Car

A dog is a man’s best friend. I think we have all heard this quote at least once in our lives, and for a good reason. It’s simply true.

No matter how much praise they receive from so many people, there is still a chance that they can surprise you with their love for you.

In this story, we will talk about a very heroic dog who saved his mom from a speeding car.

A Terrible Event

photo of a dog on a leash
Source: @kimbridges1987

When Kimberley Bridges was taking her dog, Orla, for a walk, she did not suspect what would happen on that uneventful day.

Just as they were enjoying their day, Orla started aggressively pulling on the leash and trying to direct her owner’s attention to something.

She pulled so hard that she managed to overpower her mom and push her away from what appeared to be a speeding car driving on the pavement.

Bridges somehow didn’t notice the car right away, so she contacted her neighbor to see if his camera recorded what had happened.

In the video, you can clearly see that Orla saved her mom’s life from the speeding driver. If she had been off even by a second, the car would have hit her.

Bridges told The Dodo: It was a lot faster in real-time than what I expected. We’re pretty lucky.

Orla, The True Hero

dog in a field
Source: @kimbridges1987

Even though Orla has only been with her family for a few months, this made it clear that she had bonded with her owners a lot.

Saving their life in such a moment is truly a heroic act that only a good dog like Orla could do.

Daily Mail managed to figure out that the speeding driver was going at least 70 miles per hour when he was near Bridges.

However, because it happened so fast, she remained totally oblivious to it until she saw the actual footage.

dog standing in field at sunset
Source: @kimbridges1987

She said: When I got home, I thought Orla was a little shaken, which made me think this may have been closer than I thought.

Bridges is truly lucky to have a dog like her, and Orla is just the best dog ever because she got to save her mom’s life.

She continues by saying: We always loved her very much and knew she was very special. But I guess now I owe her my life, so she gets even more treats. Extra belly rubs, too.

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