A Lovely Senior Breeder Dog Couldn’t Contain Her Excitement When She Felt Free For The First Time

Having freedom and their parents’ infinite love is all that pups need to be truly happy. All canines deserve to run freely and realize how beautiful life can be.

Sadly, some pups spend years in chains, wondering if they’ll ever experience the sweet freedom and life that other dogs have.

Breeders use these lovely souls to gain profit. After the canines become seniors, some breeders dump them without feeling any compassion.

Midge, a delightful pup, knows how it feels to be neglected and deprived of love and freedom. The adorable dog spent her life in the hands of a breeder. She was chained to a tree and she had litter after litter of puppies.

After she became a senior pup, her heartless breeder abandoned her. When she found herself all alone on the side of the road in Alabama, where they left her, she couldn’t imagine that she would soon discover true happiness.

Midge’s Life Begins To Change

senior dog enjoying new home yard
Source: Albert’s Dog Lounge

Rescuers at the Bigbee Humane Society found her and brought her to their shelter. The wonderful staff took care of her and showed her kindness and love.

The staff thought that Midge would have better chances to be adopted somewhere else, so she was transferred to Albert’s Dog Lounge. It’s a specialty rescue located in Wisconsin that primarily focuses on senior and special-needs dogs.

smiling woman posing with dog
Source: @madison_dogma

Shortly afterward, the beautiful doggo moved in with her foster mom. She showered her with a lot of love and cuddles that she missed all her life. 

Midge thrived, and soon, she was ready to start looking for her forever family.

She Meets Her Forever Mom

senior dog looking up
Source: Baby J – All Breed Rescue Angels

Albert’s Dog Lounge Rescue posted Midge’s story, along with her photo on their site.

At the time, a woman named Sherry Van Elzen Hopfensperger wanted to adopt a senior dog. Her beloved pup, Jem, crossed the rainbow bridge and she wished to give her love to another dog. The moment she saw Midge’s photo on the rescue’s site, she fell in love.

She knew that Midge was the pup she wanted to take home. Hopfensperger met the canine’s foster mom who came to her house. She brought Midge with her.

As soon as the canine came out of the car, she wagged her tail and ran to Hopfensperger. She was happy to see her.

The Pup Finds The Happiness She Always Deserved

dog with colorful scarf
Source: @mrwonkylegs

Hopfensperger signed the adoption papers and Midge officially became a part of the family.

The moment the delightful dog realized that she had found her forever home, she started doing zoomies and rolling over in her family’s yard. The pooch couldn’t contain her happiness. 

She had a wide smile on her lovely face as she enjoyed feeling the grass under her paws as she ran around. Her mom loved looking at her.

Midge developed arthritis because she didn’t have any exercise during her past life, but she didn’t let that stop her from enjoying life.

“She doesn’t walk too fast, we’ll sniff everything if we go on a walk. So we’re constantly stopping so she can check out the neighborhood. She’s an amazing sweet dog,” Hopfensperger told GeoBeats Animals.

lovely senior breeder dog
Source: GeoBeats Animals

The sweet pup makes friends wherever she goes. She loves her vet and she captivated the hearts of all the staff at the vet clinic. 

“When she had heartworm treatment, they kept her behind the counter and took care of her up there instead of leaving her in a cage because they wanted to spend time with her,” she added.

Midge loves spending time with people, and her family hopes that she will become a therapy dog and visit nursing homes and hospitals.

The adorable pooch showers her mom with love and gives her sweet kisses.

Hopfensperger feels delighted to see that Midge is happy and that she enjoys her life.

“It warms my heart that she finds so much happiness now. She’s a dog I think who is a cup half full rather than a cup half empty. She makes most of it, even if it’s raining or snowing outside, she’s still happy to go out there and run around,” the pup’s mom said.

The amazing canine likes to share updates about her life in her forever home on her Instagram. She is in love with her new life and she soaks up the infinite love her forever family gives her.

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