A Pair Of Bonded Siblings Found In The Middle Of Nowhere Get A Second Chance

The problem of stray dogs is never-ending. And, what’s even more concerning – it’s widespread all over the world with no adequate policy to deal with this issue.

Of all dogs, free-range canines (including strays) make up around 80% of the world’s dog population, according to the 2023 statistics. 

Teddy and Bear, the two puppies found near a river on the side of the road, were no exception. Lost in the wild, all alone in this world, these pawdorable black furballs were destined to live a tough life on the street until one day, a “hooman-shaped miracle” happened!

Found Near A River In Bushes, With Only Each Other’s Company

dog in bush
Source: Stray City

The heart-melting video of Teddy and Bear being found on the side of the road was posted by Stray City YouTube channel and it currently has over 3 million views. 

In the beginning, it shows a random passenger passing by on his bike on the riverside who heard an infant yelping from the bushes

When he came a little closer, he saw a helpless, black puppy hiding in the bushes. The puppy, later named Teddy, was very scared and insecure at first, but once the man started cuddling him on his head, he let down his guard and relaxed a bit.

Only a few moments later, the rescuer heard another puppy’s cry and he rushed over to take him out of the bushes, too. As it turns out, these two doggo babies were fending for each other in the wild, motherless and extremely timid

dog sitting in the back of mini car
Source: Stray City

The giant-hearted man took both puppies and put them in the basket of his bike. The other puppy, Bear, still seemed insecure around his savior, so he huddled next to his brother as much as he could until they arrived home.

Feeling Love For The First Time

dog and bear eating
Source: Stray City

As expected, it took these little furballs some time to adapt to their rescuer’s presence at first, but as soon as they got home – they started gobbling up the food he offered them as if they hadn’t eaten in days. 

Teddy was slightly bigger and more relaxed around his new hooman, while Bear still seemed stressed out and shy. 

two cute dogs sitting in the corner
Source: Stray City

In a way, it was as if he looked up to his big brother, Teddy, and he wanted to stay close to him at all times.

owner petting the dogs
Source: Stray City

They had no one in this world and they knew it, so the pups made sure to always have each other’s backs… and as cute of a sight as that was, the fact that they had to grow up and be by themselves for such a long period of time was devastating!

Growing Up Into Healthy And Playful Beauties

two dogs sitting in the grass
Source: Stray City

A few days later, the channel posted another video of Teddy and Bear, showing their progressed adaptation process. They now seemed a lot more comfortable around their hooman, following him around and playing with each other near him.

Two dogs playing in grassfield
Source: Stray City

The pups still have a long way to go, but with their adorable temperament and playful nature – they won’t have a problem adapting into any circumstances, that’s for sure!

Eager to learn and open to new friendships, these pups are on their way to becoming the pawfect pets

There’s only one thing that doesn’t seem to change at all, and that’s their love for each other. It’s their unbreakable bond and care for each other that makes them truly pawesome!

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