A Scared Dog Kept Running Away From His Rescuers Not Knowing They Only Wanted To Help

Too many times, people have tried helping a stray dog get off the streets, but they usually lack the training necessary to handle these situations.

What people often overlook is the fact that these poor animals have been abused and they could show signs of aggression when confronting other humans.

Even if you mean well and only want to help, they can’t know that, which is why it’s important to either take it slow and assess the situation or call the professionals.

In this story, we will talk about the most adorable stray dog who was so scared of people that he kept running away, even from his rescuers.

This Dog Is So Scared

dog behind the fence
Source: YouTube

When a rescue group got news about a stray dog who was living in the middle of nowhere and barely surviving, one of the rescuers took on the task and decided to help.

The woman who noticed that he was there told the rescuers where exactly they could find him when they got there.

Upon arriving, his rescuer noticed that the dog was very frightened and immediately took off when he saw him.

dog running away
Source: YouTube

However, this did not discourage him at all. He slowly followed him to help him relax a little bit, but that obviously didn’t work.

So, he thought of another way to get his attention, which was food. Because he was hungry, he ate his food and his sedatives started kicking in slowly.

An Assist From Police Officers

dog barking
Source: YouTube

The man didn’t want to anger him, so he continued following very slowly. When it got a little difficult, he asked some police officers who were nearby for help.

While they didn’t exactly understand why this man was going to such lengths to save a dog, they decided to help.

Now that there were more of them, the task was a bit more manageable. They managed to corner him near the river where he no longer had any escape routes.

The man was afraid that the dog would jump into the water, but he would obviously not allow that, so he tried placing a leash on him.

Unfortunately, the dog started growling and barking at his rescuers, so it took a while before they were able to finish the task.

When the leash was finally around his neck, he settled down and followed his rescuers back to the car. He was placed in a small kennel and taken to a shelter.

Fritz’s Second Chance

dog in the house
Source: YouTube

Now that the dog, named Fritz, was finally somewhere safe, his rescuer gave him some food to eat. Even though he was sedated, he ate it all like it was nothing.

Who knows how long this poor dog must have been starving while living on his own in the middle of nowhere.

The next day, he was taken to a veterinarian where they tried treating his infected leg. While it was a bit hard, as he was still somewhat scared, his rescuer managed to help him.

Now that his wounds were dealt with, it was time for his groomer appointment and a much- needed bath.

happy dog playing
Source: YouTube

When it was finally done, Fritz looked like a completely different dog, and he tried to understand what was happening.

But, nevertheless, he started becoming happier and more playful with each passing day. He finally started behaving like a dog in the care of his rescuer and it was just amazing.

In just four months, he had completely changed from a scared dog to a confident and cheerful one. 

It was thanks to his amazing rescuer that Fritz has gotten a second chance to lead a normal life, and I am glad to see that he is doing well.

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