A Scared Dog Screamed Anytime Someone Touched Him Until He Met His Foster Mom

It’s deeply saddening to imagine the heartbreak that lovely canines go through after being betrayed and abandoned by their owners.

Feeling rejected, they live their lives without feeling the human love and affection that all pups equally deserve. Sadly, some dogs were physically abused by their very own families and they end up becoming terrified of humans.

Arnold, a cute Chihuahua, was one of those abandoned canines who was betrayed by his family. He became so frightened that he couldn’t stand being touched by a human.

Discovering Love in a Foster Home

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After his owners left him, a kind family took care of him for a month. They reached out to Hope For Paws, a rescue based in California, and they instantly came to rescue him.

Shortly afterward, Foxy and the Hounds took Arnold under their care. Terri Fox, the rescue’s founder, decided to foster him.

As soon as Terri met Arnold for the first time, she realized that the doggo would need more time to decompress. He was terrified and he didn’t let his foster mom pet him.

Whenever he would see Terri’s hand approaching him, he would start barking and growling. He would open his mouth as if he wanted to bite her hand.

Terri sat with Arnold every day and tried to gain his trust. She fed him and took care of him, and made him a comfy bed in the bathroom.

Arnold didn’t want to be friends with her so he kept his distance.

One day, Terri made the decision to try to stroke him and melt away his immense fear. She sat next to him and reached in with a closed hand in order to avoid being bitten. Arnold snapped and started screaming.

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Although the pooch kept opening his mouth and going for her hand, he didn’t bite Terri. After seeing that Arnold was only protecting himself, Terri opened her hand and gently stroked his chest.

As the pawdorable pup looked at her with his eyes filled with hope, she made him a promise.

“You never deserved to be this scared. Somebody probably was very mean to you, but it will never be that way again.”

The doggo stopped barking and he started melting with affection as Terri tenderly petted him. She succeeded in gaining his trust.

Arnold Turns Into A Cuddle Bug

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That was the turning point in their relationship.

The next day, when Terri walked into the bathroom, the pooch was happy to see her. He perked up in his doggy bed and wagged his tail. As Terri approached him, he rolled over and asked for a belly rub.

Terri was over the moon. She rubbed his belly, and the pup looked relaxed as he soaked up all the love his foster mom gave him. 

From that day on, they became friends and they began enjoying their time together.

They loved snuggling on the couch and watching TV. Arnold loved his foster mom and he kept giving her adorable kisses. Terri referred to him as Mr. Snuggly, and the sweet Chihuahua ended up sleeping in her bed.

Starting A New Life In His Forever Home

cute white Chihuahua
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After realizing how far he had come, Terri knew that Arnold was ready to search for his forever home. A wonderful family came along and fell deeply in love with the pawdorable Chihuahua. 

They gave him the perfect forever home and all the love that he lacked his whole life.

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Arnold’s doggy brother, Pepe, welcomed him to the family and the two canines became best friends. 

Three months after he was adopted, Terri visited Arnold in his California home. Both of them were thrilled to see each other, and the pup happily showed Terri all his toys.

Terri was overjoyed to know that Arnold is living his best life with his family who adores him. 

We’re grateful to all the amazing people who took part in his rescue, and to Arnold’s foster mom, Terri, whose love shed all Arnold’s fears and turned him into a happy pup.

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