A Starving Dog Fighting To Survive Has The Most Amazing Transformation

Animal abuse is a never-ending problem that millions of dogs all over the world face every year. Even though this sort of cruelty is punishable by law, adequate strategies to address and prevent it are still lacking.

Seeing dogs like Angel fighting for life is never easy, and it makes us question all of humanity. Who would do such a horrible thing to a dog? 

When brought to the rescue facility, this California girl weighed no more than 11 pounds. Her organs literally began shutting down, and she was only hours away from the point of no return… until one day, a miracle happened!

Fighting To Survive

photo of starved dog at vet's office
Source: Rescue From The Hart

A woman named Kay Buell brought Angel to Rescue From The Hart, from Van Nuys, California, saying that she found her stumbling down the road in Palmdale, California. 

When she first entered RFTH, Angel couldn’t walk. She was so weak that she couldn’t stand on her own legs. She was immediately transferred to a hospital, where she got all the care she needed.

For the first few days, she barely ate a thing. She was constantly throwing up, as her body was just too weak to digest food.

starved dog lying
Source: Rescue From The Hart

“When they offered her a tiny bit of food, she threw it back up because her body no longer have the power to digest food. She is receiving blood transfusions to help her body fight. She is beyond emaciated and dehydrated,” RFTH wrote on Facebook.

Angel got blood transfusions that helped her body keep the fight going. She was beyond dehydrated and emaciated, weighing less than half of what a dog of her age was supposed to weigh.

Fortunately, Angel was a true fighter. She never, ever gave up on life, despite all the hardship. She kept her spark alive during what can only be described as the worst of times, and in just five short weeks – everything started changing for the better!

Miraculous Transformation

dog on a leash lying on concrete
Source: Rescue From The Hart

It took Angel only a month to get back on her paws. One day, while she was around her giant-hearted volunteers, she just stood up and started eating treats on her own that they gave her.

It was a breakthrough moment for Angel, as of that day – she started transforming into a brand-new dog! She started eating properly again and gained normal weight. Weeks later, Angel looked nothing like her old self.

Thanks to the hospital crew and an amazing community who stood behind this poor girl, Angel got the miracle she needed so desperately. Annie Hart, the founder of RFTH, along with the rest of her team, were so overjoyed to see this wonderful girl thriving.

Angel in A New Home

recovered dog in a car
Source: Rescue From The Hart

Months after Angel’s rescue, Annie and the team learned that the woman who “found her” was actually her abuser. Animal control officers raided her home and found out that she had a home full of starving dogs. She was arrested in Corona, California. 

After she fully recovered, Angel found a beautiful home and the perfect family.  RFTH was so happy to finally see her exhibiting her full potential around the people who truly loved her.

“She’s a true miracle and a testament to what our village can do when we team up together,” the RFTH team wrote.

two dogs sitting next to a man
Source: Rescue From The Hart

She even got a doggo sibling named Beasley. The two are now best friends and they just don’t know life without each other.

“Angel and Beasley are completely bonded and madly in love with each other. You can’t take one somewhere without taking the other! And the two are zoomies experts,” her rescuers say.

Once a starving dog that stood no chance in this cruel world, Angel’s now a completely new dog enjoying her life to the fullest!

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