A Sweet Dog Found A Mysterious Egg And Brought It Back To His Mom

Dogs… curious creatures, aren’t they?

You never know what they’ll find while playing out in the back yard from meeting unusual friends to bringing home the most hilarious things they find. 

Well, this particular dog didn’t find anything funny. 

This dog helped save a life, even before it had started. 

What seemed like a normal daily playtime routine turned out to be a day full of amazing discoveries. 

Stella, the dog, and her hooman were blessed with a family addition they’ll never forget. 

Let’s Crack The Mystery… Egg?

the woman holds an egg in her hand
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It was a normal day for Stella, Erica Laurenzi, and their other family dog. Erica was enjoying the weather as her pups were playing on their 250-acre property in Maine. Everything seemed so perfect.

Then, Erica noticed something didn’t seem quite right. Stella was playing, but what was she playing with? She went to investigate what her pup was doing, not remembering giving her a small ball to play with.

When Erica approached Stella, she noticed that she wasn’t playing with the ball. 

Stella found an egg! 

It was slightly bigger than a chicken egg, filling out Erica’s palm nicely. It was such a surprise that Stella didn’t break it accidentally. The sweet pooch was super gentle with it, as if she knew that whatever is inside is too delicate. 

The woman went searching around the property, trying to find the rest of the eggs, or even the mother. Still, her search was without any success.

“After an hour, there was no luck. I am the biggest believer in returning it to the mother if the opportunity is there.”, said Erica.

So, she had to do what had to be done: Erica brought the egg home with her. 

Our Little Unusual Family

egg in the incubator
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The mystery egg is safe at home. Now what?

Having plenty of experience in raising and rescuing birds of all kinds on her Maine farm, Erica knew exactly what to do next. 

“The Googling started immediately … I knew it was an egg but was not sure what kind. We had assumed it was a turkey because we have seen them foraging on the land a couple times. Then later confirmed by a Google search the egg looked like a true match. I put the egg in my sports bra and drove to Tractor Supply to find the Rolls Royce of incubators. Nothing but the best to give this egg the best fighting chance.”, said the excited co-mommy.

the dog watches the egg hatch
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Stella was watching her every move like a hawk, wondering what she got herself into. This sweet pup’s maternal instincts kicked in immediately, and all she could do was wait patiently for the egg to hatch and then shower with love whatever came out of it.

Precisely 25 days later, it was show time, right on the morning of Erica’s birthday!

“We had the incubator up high on our kitchen counter out of the reach of any potential threats. By the end of the day, her and I sat side by side on our counter stools as it picked away at its egg shell. She watched intently all night long as it dried off and got its bearings.”

Stella couldn’t move her eyes off the little thing, as if she was asking herself: Is this true? Am I going to be a mommy?

Yep, thanks to Stella, this little turkey got a chance to see how beautiful the world is. 

Thanks to Stella, this orphaned egg got a family!

sweet chicken
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“Stella does go in and peek over the side of the brooder to check on her little friend, exchanging glances and little chirps,” Laurenzi said.

She’s a good dog. She knows her limits and knows that she shouldn’t bother the chick. 

Erica’s plans were to raise the baby turkey and release it in the wild. Naturally, introducing her to all dogs and letting her know they’re friends would be a mistake and could potentially cause severe damage and harm to the turkey in the future. 

Stella loves her unusual baby, but she still knows what’s best for her.

Did The Baby Turkey Stay?

cute chick looking at the camera
Source: thedodo.com

Indeed, the baby turkey stayed with Erica and her charming farm creatures!

Stella, Erica, and the baby turkey became famous through TikTok after one of Erica’s turkey videos went viral. It was actually a sweet compilation telling the story about how Stella found the egg and how they raised it together. 

The video scored an incredible number of 6.5 million views! 


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♬ Flowers (feat. Nori) – In Love With A Ghost

Ever since the little one hatched, Erica has been posting updates on its growth. The sweet little bird is doing incredibly fine for an egg that was lost out there in the wild. 

Eventually, the turkey baby got a buddy of his own kind.

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Having Erica and Stella as two incredible co-mommies sure means a lot to these baby turkeys. We’ll follow them on TikTok to see what the future will bring next.

Who knows; maybe Stella will find another mystery egg?

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