A Sweet Pittie Doesn’t Want To Leave His Cardboard Box Even After Being Rescued

Even when you save a dog from the street, it is sometimes really hard to break their old habits. That’s exactly what happened with Captain, the Pittie mix dog who was rescued from the streets of Detroit, Michigan.

When he was first brought to Detroit Dog Rescue, he was provided with endless care, love, and a beautiful, comfy bed – but all Captain wanted was his old cardboard box to sleep in!

A Cardboard Box Is The Most Comfy Bed For Captain

pitbull mix dog sitting in a cardboard box
Source: Detroit Dog Rescue

Captain’s story doesn’t have such a glamorous start. He was found as an abandoned dog who was seeking refuge in a comfy home, but he just couldn’t find it! Captain was wandering the streets of Detroit for too long – he was severely malnourished and he needed vet care.

“We can’t make them forget the time they were hit, kicked, shot, burned, or thrown out of a window. We can’t take away the time when the only warm bed they had…was a discarded cardboard box,” wrote Christina Rinaldi, the director of DDR, about Captain.

“We love you and your cardboard boxes, Captain.”

When he was first brought to the DDR facility, Captain was shy and didn’t have much doggo manners. But, all that was about to change…

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He Had A Really Hard Life

cute pitbull mix dog on a leash
Source: Detroit Dog Rescue

Even though he’s now a good, socialized boy, Captain, according to Rinaldi, had a really rough life. 

He was basically a dog that nobody wanted, which is why he was tossed away like garbage. His cardboard box was everything he had in this world and that’s why he was so attached to it.

“Captain came to us after being homeless on the street. He still prefers to sleep in a cardboard box, the same way he did when he was tossed away like garbage. We’ve continued to show him love, give him the best of everything…”

Feeling The Gentle Touch Of A Hooman Again

adorable pitbull mix dog sitting on the grass
Source: Detroit Dog Rescue

His old days of wandering around are finally over! This lovely Pittie mix has finally found the place where he can just relax and go all doggo, without worrying about being beaten, scared away, or starving!

He’s finally in the good hands of the c who are inclined to provide him with everything he needs. 

DDR staff with pitbull mix dog standing on driveway
Source: Little Things

Captain is up to date on his vaccines, he’s regularly checked up, and he’s neutered! On top of all that, Captain has finally learned some basic obedience commands! He’s truly a good boy, and a great listener who loves to work for his treats.

He’s a little bit shy around men, which is why the DDR team would prefer for Captain to be in a home with a female owner. He’s great with other canines, and after he properly settles in a new home, we’re sure that he’s gonna be the sweetest family Pittie ever! 

We wish you the best of luck, Captain!

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