A Sweet Yorkie Who Was Dumped At A Shelter Gets A New Chance

Some dogs sadly don’t have the luxury of living a comfortable life filled with affection and care of their loving owner. 

While your pup might be comfortably sleeping on a cozy bed tonight, many dogs, unfortunately, will spend their night outside – all alone, hungry, and scared. 

That is the harsh reality of life. 

However, sometimes light can break through the darkness when you least expect it. 

After almost eight years of living a very sad life, the fate of this little Yorkie named Sonic finally turned around, all thanks to some amazing people who try to bring light to those who need it the most. 

A Heartbreaking Rescue

dog in very bad shape
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Little Sonic was probably neglected his whole life, which resulted in him being in very bad shape. 

Not only was he extremely scared, but also severely matted and emaciated. 

Sonic, an eight-year-old brown and black Yorkie, was dumped at the Chesterfield Square Animal Services Center, in Los Angeles, as a stray because he apparently had a seizure. 

He was a complete mess, and weighed only 5 lbs – 2 lbs being only the matted hair. 

According to Mindi Memel, the founder of Precious Pals Pet Rescue, in Los Angeles, Sonic was used as a breeding male for a back yard breeder who treated him terribly. 

very dirty dog
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As soon as Mindi heard about Sonic, she agreed to take care of him. When she arrived to pick him up and saw the state of this poor little guy, she was heartbroken. 

“I have a tough exterior when I rescue these medical dogs, but this little boy Sonic is tearing at my heart. I am so mad and so heartbroken over the neglect this little sweet dog has been through his whole life. I want to erase everything he’s ever known, and I’ll do my damned best to do that with getting him the best medical care and into a real loving home,” Mindi wrote in her Facebook post. 

She took him to the vet where they shaved him down and provided him with necessary medical care. 

“He was extemely matted and he was showing signs of pure neglect. He just looked like he was on his last legs. I just wasn’t really sure if he was going to make it,” Mindi told The Dodo. 

“What Is That? A Bed, You Say?”

When Mindi brought Sonic home from the vet, she immediately noticed how unsure he was of everything. 

It was clear that in eight years of his life, he had never lived inside and he had never been on a blanket… let alone a bed. He didn’t even know what a bed was. 

“He didn’t know what to do, so he found comfort actually sleeping on a blanket rather than the three beds I had around the blanket,” Mindi said. 

She even had to wrap him up in a blanket to feed him baby food from a pouch because he wasn’t eating. Sonic was also showing signs of a neurological issue. 

However, day by day, he slowly started to improve and get more comfortable. After not hearing a sound from him for the first six days, Sonic finally started to bark and use his voice. 

The Happiest Little Guy 

After weeks of good care, medication, and lots of love, Sonic grew into a confident, strong little dog who was ready to finally go to his forever home. 

A woman who had just lost her little Yorkie was interested in adopting Sonic, so she reached out to Mindi. 

She already had one Yorkie, and actually wanted to adopt two Yorkies (Sonic and another senior dog named Jazzie) and make a pack of three. 

“She came and met us at the dog park and instantly fell in love, and Sonic fell in love. They were just a perfect little match, and she is the best mom to Sonic,” Mindi said. 

three dog and their owner
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