A Wonderful Stray Dog Finds A Forever Home And Becomes The Happiest Pup

During their sad life on the streets, homeless dogs meet many humans who ignore them and pass them by. The lovely strays often look at them with the sweetest eyes, hoping to get some kindness and love that they badly need.

Kona was one of the adorable pups who dreamed of having a loving home as she roamed the lonely streets of Georgia. She was just a little fur baby who wanted to snuggle with her parents and feel loved for the first time.

Rescuers Come Across The Sweet Puppy

sweet puppy finds home
Source: @makoandkonasmom

Rescuers found Kona and took her to a shelter. They consoled her and snuggled with her.  Believing that she would have higher chances of finding a forever home elsewhere, the staff transported her to Save A Life Pet Rescue in Florida.

Kona was glad to be surrounded with good humans and receive their affection and cuddles. When the adorable fur baby was ready to be adopted, the staff posted her photo on their site.

When a woman named Collyn saw Kona’s photo, her heart melted.

“I can’t describe it, I just felt like there was something super special about this dog,” she told GeoBeats Animals.

Kona Is Happy To Find A Loving Family

puppy sleeps with woman
Source: @makoandkonasmom

Collyn and her husband decided to adopt the beautiful fur baby. They welcomed her to their home and showered her with love.

Kona and her mom built a strong connection, and the sweet girl became her soul dog.

Kona is always by her mom’s side and she’s great at reading her emotions. Whenever the doggo notices that Collyn feels sad, she offers her support and puts her head on her mom.

Collyn sometimes feels that her pooch has the eyes of a human trapped in a dog’s body. When Kona makes eye contact with people, she seems to understand what’s going on around her. The pup has many facial expressions and Collyn can’t stop looking at her. 

Kona has an underbite, causing her lip to get stuck on her teeth, which her mom finds funny.

Feeling Adored

sweet puppies laying one on another
Source: @makoandkonasmom

Ever since she arrived at their home, Kona has loved people. 

She is not a fan of other dogs, but Mako, her foster brother, is an exception. The two pups established an immediate bond. After seeing how much they love each other, Collyn and her husband made the decision to give Mako a forever home.

The siblings often snuggle with each other and cover each other in kisses.

Collyn believes that she is Kona’s favorite person in the house, but she admits that Kona might love both their parents equally.

young woman hugging with dog
Source: @makoandkonasmom

“I am her favorite person in the house. She definitely respects my husband more but as far as coming for cuddles she loves me more. Although maybe I’m just kind of projecting what I hope is true. She might love us equally,” Collyn added.

Kona lives her best life in her forever home. Her mom tells her every day how much she loves her.

funny dog smiling
Source: @makoandkonasmom

“My bond with her I think will probably far exceed a bond that I’ll probably ever be able to have with another animal,” she said.

Along with their mom, Kona and Mako often post on Instagram. They love going on walks and hanging out with each other. Their parents adore them, and both dogs are in love with their life. 

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