Abandoned And Injured Dog In Tattered Jacket Undergoes An Incredible Transformation

Most rescuers wait for the sun to rise in order to go and save the day; however, sometimes it simply can’t wait.

That is exactly what Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy, California, thought when she heard about a dog who needed immediate assistance.

Help Is On The Way

dog standing in the dark
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When she received a call late at night about an abandoned dog who had seriously been injured, Suzette wasted no time and immediately packed up her gear.

With a humane dog trap and some snacks, she made her way over to the location where the dog was last spotted, ready to help.

“I went out at midnight. She was out in the middle of nowhere, on a one-lane road. I knew I had to get her,” said Suzette.

However, Suzette spent quite some time looking through the Californian streets, trying to locate the dog, flashing her light in every direction.

Then, all of a sudden, with the help of the moonlight, she saw two shining orbs staring right at her.

I saw her by her eyes. We named her Moonie because it was the moonlight that helped me notice her,” Suzette said.

As frightened as she was, Moonie still made her way into the trap. She trusted Suzette so much, as if she knew that she was there to help.

As beautiful as her eyes were, they still couldn’t mask the rough condition she was in. Moonie was extremely malnourished, with an old, dirty jacket that covered her skinny body. 

She also had mange and scabies, and did not smell too good.

But, even in her worst condition, Suzette stayed right by Moonie’s side, not letting her spend another moment being alone and frightened.

dog wearing old jacket
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Suzette carefully put Moonie in the car, in which the pair slept the whole night, waiting for the vet to open.

Getting Better

Having her checkup first thing in the morning, Moonie started her recovery journey.

Even though the road to recovery was long, with her having to be isolated for six weeks due to her multiple illnesses, Moonie was not alone.

She was surrounded by people who loved and cared for her, making sure she was as comfortable as she could be.

As soon as she completed her treatment, she was put into foster care. However, being so lovable, her search for a forever home did not take long at all.

owner and her new dog
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She went to two different foster homes. They were going to put her up for adoption during her second foster stay, but her foster mom said, ‘No, I can’t part with this gal. We can’t let her go,’” Hall said.

Life at her new home sure did make Moonie happy. In no time, she completely transformed in her appearance, looking like a brand-new dog.

And, of course, since she is the only child of her new mom, Moonie gets all the attention a dog needs, and she sure loves it!

dog sitting on the shore
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