Abandoned Dog Keeps Looking For His Parents By Peeking Into Strangers’ Yards And It’s Just Heartbreaking

Dogs are one of the most loyal and loving creatures. They deserve to be immensely loved and feel safe, knowing that they will always be a part of our family.

My heart shatters into pieces for all the pups who are abandoned and left all alone.

Their cruel owners reject them and leave them behind without feeling the slightest bit of compassion.

Being so faithful, abandoned dogs never stop waiting and hoping to see their owners again.

Scooby, a loyal pup, was abandoned, too. His hope to see his family didn’t waver as he tirelessly searched for them. All he wanted was to see them again.

Missing His Parents 

dog sleeping on the dirt
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In August 2023, Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy, learned that there was a lonely dog walking around a neighborhood in Los Angeles, California. 

After his family abandoned him, he spent his days peering into his neighbors’ yards, hoping to find his parents there.

“He would look under people’s gates as if to say, ‘Are you my home? He just wanted to find his family,” Hall said.

His neighbors saw him walking past their houses and they fed him every day. They didn’t let him come inside their yards because he had ticks in his ears.

Hall was sure that the pup wouldn’t have agreed to come in even if they had invited him. The loyal pooch wouldn’t leave the place where he saw his family for the last time.

Knowing that a storm was approaching, Hall quickly drove to the Orange County neighborhood to pick him up.

Having arrived there, she saw a white dog hopelessly lying on the sidewalk. As soon as he heard that someone parked their car, the pup looked up with a hopeful look on his face.

Hall was heartbroken to see him waiting for his owners who would never come for him. She was moved by his unwavering loyalty and couldn’t hold back her tears.

She knew that the dog was a bit disappointed after he realized that his family didn’t come to pick him up. She could see it in his eyes.

You’re Not Alone Anymore

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Hall stroked his head, and the pup felt relieved that someone cared. He felt seen. The dog, whom Hall later called Scooby, started wagging his tail.

After a long time, he felt that there was hope for him after all.

Hall understood his pain and she sat down with him.

“We had a long talk. I told him that his family wasn’t coming back, but that he was safe with me.”

Scooby realized that he had to go with Hall although deep down in his heart, he was hesitant to leave the place where his family left him.

Feeling that he could trust his rescuer, Scooby let her put a leash around his neck and he agreed to go with her.

As soon as he was in her van, he felt so peaceful that he fell asleep. Hall took him to Camino Pet Hospital, located in Irvine, California, and his caregivers helped him recover from his illnesses.

Deeply Grateful For Being Rescued

dog sitting on the grass
Source: Facebook.com

Scooby felt much better. He enjoyed the affection the wonderful hospital staff gave him, and he was so grateful for everything they did for him.

“He literally just wiggles his tail now, rolls over and wants belly rubs,” Hall said.

Scooby is soaking up all the cuddles his caregivers shower him with. He feels hopeful about his future, and he’s currently looking for a foster home.

We are absolutely sure that someone as loyal and adorable as Scooby won’t wait long to find a family. This sweet pup deserves all the best.

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