Abandoned Newborn Puppy Found All Alone On A Dangerous Road

It’s utterly heartbreaking to imagine that any person could be so cruel as to abandon a helpless little puppy and throw her out of a car. And yet, this is exactly what happened to a seven-day-old puppy named Hola.

Instead of being adored and pampered with care, she was separated from her mom and betrayed by her ruthless owners. 

While Hola was helplessly lying in the middle of the road with her eyes closed, she was unaware of the danger she was in. 

Hola’s Guardian Angel

tiny puppy on the road
Source: Animal Rescue

Francesca, a giant-hearted woman, happened to see when a heartless person threw the puppy from a moving car. She immediately ran towards her, picked her up, and rushed her to the vet.

After the puppy was given a complete medical checkup, the vet informed Francesca that Hola would need a miracle in order to survive. The little puppy had seizures and she was fighting to survive.

Francesca was resolved to do whatever it took to help Hola win the most important battle of her life. She could never give up on her.

The vet prescribed Hola the necessary medication, and Francesca took her home. Hola became her number-one priority. She was determined to nurse her back to health. 

beautiful puppy laying
Source: Animal Rescue

She bottle-fed her and gave her around-the-clock care. Hola faced many ups and downs during her recovery and Francesca was always by her side.

Thanks to her unconditional love and amazing care, Hola pulled through and her health began improving.

Although she still has seizures, they are less frequent, and Hola is able to play and enjoy life like all other puppies.

young woman holding puppy
Source: Animal Rescue

Francesca rejoiced at seeing Hola gain weight. She became a strong puppy who is curious to explore her surroundings. She spent her days playing with Francesca’s other dog and a cat.

Hola enjoys the warmth of Francesca’s home and she feels loved. 

Finding The Unconditional Love And Happiness

adorable tiny puppy with woman
Source: Animal Rescue

After Hola made a complete recovery, Francesca knew that it was time to find her a forever home. Although she loved the delightful pup very much, she knew that she couldn’t keep her.

Francesca posted an advertisement for adoption. She wanted to find the right person for Hola and to make sure she would have a wonderful forever home.

As soon as a kind woman saw the ad and Hola’s photo, she fell head over heels in love with her. She had been looking for a dog for some time, and once she saw Hola, she knew that the search was over.

cute dog with cat playing
Source: Animal Rescue

The woman gave Hola the perfect forever home and showered her with love. Hola’s mom helped her continue flourishing into a happy dog.

Although Francesca knew she would miss the wonderful pup, she was over the moon because Hola found a great home. She was glad that she was there for Hola when she needed her the most.

Hola loves her new mom deeply and her sweet cuddles make her feel safe and adored. 

The lovely pup found the happiness and unconditional love that all animals deserve. Thanks to Francesca, Hola will never know that she was abandoned. She will only remember the happy days.

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