Abused Puppy Finds The Perfect Home In Oregon And Becomes A Brand New Dog

When we welcome dogs into our life, we make a commitment to them – to love them like they deserve and to make them feel safe and protected.

They need to feel loved in order to grow up into happy and confident pups.

Hearing stories about dog owners who break that commitment and end up mistreating their lovely furry friends saddens me deeply.

Due to mistreatment and animal abuse, loving, furry creatures who are worthy of infinite love turn into frightened and traumatized dogs.

Poppy, a Basset Hound puppy, knows how it feels to be frightened and mistreated.

When Poppy’s family took her to their home, the pup was thrilled because she thought that she had found her hoomans and a loving home.

Sadly, shortly after moving into their house, Poppy realized that nothing was how it seemed.

Poppy’s Owners Give Her Up

dog on the blanket
Source: The Asher House

Poppy’s family bought her for their little daughter. Unfortunately, they didn’t teach their daughter how to behave towards the pooch, and she started using her markers and coloring the sweet puppy.

Poppy became very frightened and sad. She cried often. Her owners decided to give her up, explaining that she wasn’t what they thought she would be.

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That was when Poppy’s life began to change.

Scared Pup Meets Her Hero

man saves scared dog
Source: The Asher House

As soon as Lee Asher, the founder of The Asher House, an animal sanctuary located in Oregon, learned that Poppy’s family gave her up, he went to pick her up.

He was in shock after he saw Poppy looking dejected and covered in different markers. The puppy was shaking with fear. 

He gently took her in his arms and carried her into his car. She was crying. Realizing how traumatized Poppy was, Asher decided that he wouldn’t introduce her to the rest of the pack that day.

As he carried the frightened pooch into the house, he kissed her, letting her know that she was home. 

He fed her and gave her some time to rest. Even after Asher gave her a bath, Poppy still couldn’t relax. She had a sad look in her eyes as she was lying in her doggy bed. She was unsure of everything.

Asher started cuddling with her, and the pup enjoyed it. She felt much better.

three dogs driving in a car
Source: @theasherhouse

Soon, Poppy met the other rescue dogs. From the very moment her furry siblings met her, they warmed up to her, welcoming her into the pack. They snuggled and played with her, showering her with the love she craved.

Asher was convinced that Poppy would recover. She just needed some time to overcome her fears.

Poppy Is In Love With Her New Life

dog on the vehicle
Source: @theasherhouse

Feeling safe and loved, Poppy’s fears began to fade and she let her true personality shine through. She turned into a confident dog.

“As days went by, I realized how special she really is. I never had a dog like her before. She is so fun and  adventurous and outgoing. The complete opposite of who the dog was when I first found her,” said Asher. 

Her tail wagged all the time. She enjoyed going on hikes in the Oregon woods with her dad, Asher, and the pack.

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They all adore her, and Poppy soaks up all that love. Having found her place under the sun, the pup feels overjoyed.

I feel over the moon knowing that the delightful pooch started a new life filled with happiness. Finally, Poppy has the life that she deserves. 

I’m grateful to Asher for everything that he did for her and the other dogs. He is both their dad and their hero.

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