Adorable Frenchie Decided To Stop Barking And Start Talking

For us humans, communication truly is key. Without it, life would be so much more difficult.

Well, imagine how hard it is for our four-legged friends, considering that they can not talk to us. I mean, sure, they can bark, but that can only get them so far.

Well, Sunny, the adorable Frenchie of today’s story, figured out a way to talk without barking and he simply loves bragging about it

A Talking Dog

close-up photo of frenchie named sunny
Source: @sunny_emilio

Mary and Ortzy have been proud doggo parents for a very long time now. At first, he was just an average dog who enjoyed living life and barking around. Then, one day he decided to simply start talking.

The first time he ever spoke, he was actually on his way to the vet. I’m guessing that he was so unhappy because of this that barking didn’t convey the message enough, so he had to come up with another way to be heard.

And, ever since, little Sunny has never stopped talking.

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His favorite place to have his little monologues is in public transport, considering that whoever hears him will give him all of their attention, and to him, that is better than a yummy treat.

“Sunny, he loves the attention. When we go to the city center or take public transportation, he sees all these people, so then he likes the attention,” Mary told The Dodo.

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His parents had different reactions to his new way of communication.

His mom, Mary, was extremely proud of her handsome little boy, thinking that it was very unique and funny.

However, his dad, Ortzy, was a bit ashamed of his loud dog.

“At the beginning I was so embarrassed. But now I have come to terms with his screaming. We kind of answer when he talks to us. I do it just for fun, and I reply in the same way,” said Ortzy.

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Best Boy Ever

Over time, the doggo parents simply accepted the fact that their dog now talks, and they see it as a very interesting personality trait that brings joy and laughter to anybody who hears it.

“I think it is created by happiness, but also excitement. It’s, like, a mix of all those feelings,” said Ortzy.

dog wearing sunglasses
Source: @sunny_emilio

Mary and Ortzy have fallen in love with their precious boy all over again and cannot even imagine a world without him or his vocal cords.

“He is really funny. He has a lot of expressions on his face. He is just perfect. We would never change anything about him,” they concluded.

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