Adorable Puppy From Wisconsin Loves Taking Naps On Her Fluffiest Daycare Buddies

Small puppies love to sleep, and usually they’re experts at finding the perfect place to take a nap. 

When Edna, the Pitbull, was still a small puppy, she used to go to doggy daycare every day in Green Bay, Wisconsin. She loved playing with other pups so much that after a couple of hours, she would become too exhausted to do anything.

Her daily routine always included a little nap to regain her energy. 

However, her little nap time also always included finding the comfiest and fluffiest spot to nap on. With a daycare full of fluffy dogs, what better place to nap on than her fellow daycare friends? 

edna the pitbull sleeps on a german shepherd
Source: @missedna_rose

Edna is a smart puppy, and she quickly understood that there is no better pillow than a warm, fluffy pup.  

So, this became her regular routine — play a bit and then find a fluffy dog to nap on. 

photo of edna and indie lying together
Source: @missedna_rose

Whether it was a small dog like herself or one of the big boys, to her, it didn’t matter… The only important factor was the level of comfiness, and she always made sure that she was completely comfortable. 

photo of edna sleeping on a fluffy dog
Source: Brianna Gottfried

Astonishingly, the dogs she would take a nap on didn’t mind it at all. On the contrary, they always made sure that she had the best sleep. 

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Real friendship goals right there. 

In an interview with the Dodo, Brianna Gottfried, from Green Bay, WI, (Edna’s owner) said that “All the dogs seemed to enjoy the snuggling company. Even the tiny wiener dogs.” 

edna sleeps on a golden retriever
Source: Brianna Gottfried 

Everyone thought this was just a puppy phase and that once Edna grows up a little bit, she would stop doing it, but that didn’t happen. 

She is simply an affectionate dog that loves to snuggle with everyone, and she uses every opportunity to do it. 

cute photo of edna sleeping on another dog
Source: Brianna Gottfried 

So, even though she is a lot bigger now, it doesn’t stop her from finding the fluffiest dog at the daycare to take a nap on. 

Brianna said, “When it was time to go home, I always had to peel her off of another dog”, which just shows how much Edna loved napping on her furry friends. 

She would even take advantage of her big furry friends to protect her from the cold pavement outside by using their fluffy tail as a pillow.  

edna sitting on saint bernard's tail
Source: @missedna_rose

At home, things are a little bit different for Edna. She has two not-so-fluffy friends that like to take a nap on her for a change. Oh, how the tables have turned. 

cat sits on edna
Source: @missedna_rose

Even though they aren’t fluffy like her daycare friends, she still enjoys using them as a pillow. 

edna cuddles with a cat at home
Source: @missedna_rose

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