After 8 Long Years On A Chain, This Blind Dog Finally Gets His Own Bed

Stevie had all the reasons in the world to give up – but he never did!

Chained his entire life, this senior doggo faced a lot of challenges throughout life, but they only made him stronger.

And, guess what – he transformed into the sweetest lovebug ever!

He’s the kind of dog who appreciates the little things in life, like playing with his chew toys, or waiting for his foster momma to give him a treat. 

But, above all that – he has the ultimate way of showing how happy he is to finally have his own, comfy doggo bed!

A Heartbreaking Backstory

stevie abandoned dog
Source: @stevie_wondie

Stevie was confiscated from an individual’s back yard in South Carolina, where he spent eight long years on a chain. After he was initially transferred to Lancaster County SPCA, he was taken in by Diamonds in the Ruff, from Lockport, New York, in February 2021.

Shortly after he arrived in New York, he got very sick and had several treatments. First, the vets needed to remove a corn cob that was stuck in his intestines, and at the end of 2021, both of his eyes had to be removed due to glaucoma.

sad dog with spots around eyes
Source: Diamonds in the Ruff Animal Rescue

He had a rough past, but despite all the hardship he’d been through, Stevie fought his way to a normal life.

Erin Boyd, one of the volunteers in this doggo facility, immediately fell in love with this boi and decided to foster him until he finds a furever home.

Learning What A Home Feels Like

woman taking photo with her dog on the floor
Source: @stevie_wondie

Given his condition and his age, Stevie slept most of the day. He was quite protective when he first arrived in the new home, and he would sleep only in his crate. 

Erin was extra cautious, especially due to the fact that this poor boi couldn’t see and she didn’t want to upset him even more, but eventually, he started feeling comfortable around his new foster momma.

He soon learned how to get around the house without bumping his head into things – and in no time, he even learned to walk on a leash.

“He can get his way around the house like there’s no problem. He can find his way right through the garage, up three steps into the kitchen. He knows to stand by the pantry where the dog treats are and wait for his treat,” Erin told The Dodo.

“That Is One Comfy Bed”

Given that Stevie spent his entire life chained, he had a lot of firsts to experience in his new home – his first toys, treats, getaways, and above all – his first bed!

Knowing that he never had a bed of his own, Erin decided to surprise him with one, but she had no idea that his reaction would be that amazing.

Stevie literally started jumping for joy as he was so excited to feel how soft his new sleeping spot was… and from that moment on, his little pre-sleep jumping ritual became a thing!

brown dog sleeping
Source: @stevie_wondie

With his new, comfy bed in the house, Stevie transformed into the biggest lovebug. He came out of his shell despite his condition, and now he’s just the happiest doggo in the world!

And, the most amazing thing of all – he soon became a foster fail! Considering how soon she fell in love with this amazing furball, she just couldn’t stand the idea of him going to another home – so she decided to keep him.

Today, Stevie has the best life around his mom and his other sibling, Atlas. You can follow him on Instagram and keep up with his daily adventures!

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