Amazing Dog Risked Her Life To Save A Small Kitten

We all love a good “love story”. From the couple who reunited again after a separation to those amazing acts of love we see even during tragedies, we live for these heartwarming moments.

But, the most wonderful love stories can sometimes be written by animals themselves. They also understand the importance of compassion, and they constantly remind us about the importance of selfless love. 

The story that you are about to read is about an unexpected and unique relationship between a dog and her kitten, which was formed at the bottom of one difficult situation. 

An Unexpected Pair At The Bottom Of A Steep Ravine

photo of green trees in woods
Source: Anderson County PAWS

When Michelle Smith, an animal control organization employee, received a call about a barking dog at the bottom of a steep ravine in Anderson, South Carolina, she thought that this would be another usual rescue mission.

She quickly put on her suit and went into action. When she arrived, Michelle carefully climbed down the steep embankment and discovered a dog tangled among the branches of a thorny bush. 

Although they told her it was a single dog, she thought she saw another, smaller puppy with her. “How sweet,” she said to herself while making her way through the bushes. 

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However, when she got close enough, Michelle was very surprised with the sight in front of her. 

That was actually not a puppy with the dog, but a sweet little kitten that had almost the same fur. 

A dog, that Michelle later named Goldie, was protecting and guarding a tiny kitten, who appeared to be nursing on the dog. Although their only similarity was their fur, they were like mother and child. A true example of what love is capable of. 

This scene melted Michelle’s heart and she decided to act promptly. As Goldie couldn’t make her way up the ravine with her kitten, Michelle carefully took them in her arms and brought them with her. 

Unconditional Love Despite Differences

photo of dog and stray kitten
Source: Anderson County PAWS

Upon her arrival at the premises of Anderson County P.A.W.S., she was met by surprised colleagues who couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. 

Although everyone was shocked, they also became emotional because true love could be cut in the air.

The love story continued the following days while the pair were staying at the organization. Namely, Goldie continued to care for her adopted kitten, grooming and cleaning her like a mother would. Michelle named this cute little cat Kate.

The most fascinating thing was that the vets determined that 5-year-old Goldie had never had puppies of her own before. However, she took care of her 5-month-old kitty like a true mother would. 

She even allowed the cat to suckle on her, which was proof of how strong their bond was. 

People from Anderson County P.A.W.S. posted this amazing story on their official Facebook page, and soon, it was covered by many other media companies, including Dailymail, Washington Post, and so on. 

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The pup and the kittie became true stars overnight. Of course, with that came numerous offers for their new home. 

From The Bottom Of A Ravine To A New Loving Home

Soon after, the organization announced that the pair went into a foster home. 

dog and cat in a blue kennel
Source: Anderson County PAWS

And, during those few days in the foster home, these two were inseparable, and their relationship just grew stronger. 

However, their stay there did not last long, considering that offers for adoption didn’t come just from Anderson, but from all over the United States. 

Finally, the day came when the love story of a dog and a cat finally reached its most beautiful part. The dog, Goldie, and the kittie, Kate, started a new life in a new loving home together. 

photo of dog and kitten on a red dog bed
Source: Anderson County PAWS

Michelle, without whom this beautiful story would not have seen the light of day, shared her experience in a report, stating, “This is one example of why I love my job.”

And, really, it’s a great privilege to do a job you love, and at the same time, be able to experience true love in a different form.

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