An Accidental “Jailbreak” Caught On Security Camera Led This Dog To A Time Of Her Life

A shelter is a place where dogs can get some security and care, but sometimes a kennel can simply be too much for the dog.

For this reason, no pooch would mind stretching their legs and feeling a little freedom from time to time… of course, if they get the chance to do something like that.

One day, an agent at a shelter in Niagara Falls, United States, looked at the security camera and noticed something strange. The screen displayed a row of 16 kennels, and one of the chainlink doors appeared to be slightly open.

Then, he saw the head of one of their shelter dogs outside and was shocked. It was Bugsy… their longtime resident and notorious funny girl. 

An Innocent “Dog Jailbreak”

dog in jail
Source: Niagara SPCA

The kennel doors at Niagara SPCA, located in Niagara Falls, in the U.S., are usually secured shut when staff members aren’t around. However, this time, there was a mechanical failure, and it didn’t take mischievous Bugsy long to figure it out and take advantage of the situation.

She went out and returned to the kennel seven times to make sure the coast was clear. When she finally saw there was no one out there, she immediately ran to the neighboring kennel where her best canine friend, Kane, was.

black dog in jail
Source: Niagara SPCA

Playful and always cheerful as she is, Bugsy started wagging her tail as well as her whole body, inviting him to play.

However, her fun was spoiled by SPCA agents who walked into the room at that moment. While you might have expected a game of cat and mouse to ensue, it was quite the opposite. Despite her status as a naughty dog, Bugsy proved to be a good girl.

Wagging her tail happily, she immediately approached the agents and obeyed Officer Bodni’s order to return to her kennel.

dog running in the jail
Source: Niagara SPCA

The SPCA posted a video of this “Innocent dog jailbreak” on their official Facebook profile, and it quickly attracted a lot of attention.

A Field Trip She’ll Never Forget

As we already wrote, this event attracted a lot of attention on the internet, including some important faces. One of them was the Niagara County sheriff, who visited the shelter right after watching the video. 

officer and dog walking through jail
Source: Niagara SPCA

“Uhoh, it looks like Bugsy’s viral jailbreak video caught the attention of the Niagara County Sheriff,” SPCA wrote in their Facebook post. “Surely, this doesn’t look good for Bugsy. Right now, we have few details, but we’ll fill you in as they come to us.”

However, the sheriff, instead of punishing her, took Bugsy on a field trip that she would remember for the rest of her life. 

She was treated to a plain cheeseburger at Burger King, then taken to Blackwinds Pet Supplies, where Bugsy was allowed to pick out any toy she wanted. It was a real break from the four walls of the kennel for this girl, and she deserved it.

bald officer and dog
Source: Niagara SPCA

“We have no doubt Bugsy had the time of her life on Thursday,” Niagara SPCA said in a social media post. “And she deserves a lifetime of these moments. Deputy Hall wanted to help make that a reality by playing along in this adorably sweet field trip, complete with a photo shoot to help promote her adoption.”

Although this was a beautiful experience for Bugsy, unfortunately, it cannot be compared to the experience of a forever home. 

Regardless of the fact that her appearance may be a bit weird, and despite all her flaws, look at how much joy just one human hug brings to this pup.

dog playing in the jail
Source: Emily Burow

After all, the beauty of the soul is the most important thing in the world, and Bugsy would surely be Miss World in that regard.

Good luck, sweet Bugsy, and we hope you spend at least a few years in a loving home. You deserve nothing less.

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