An Amazing Bond Between A Man And His Rottie Will Absolutely Make Your Day

Named Gainz, this Rottweiler weighing over a hundred pounds is more emotional than his looks suggest. Despite being a breed that many people fear and consider aggressive, Gainz is a very sensitive soul.

There is more to his high emotional intelligence, though. Gainz’s owner, Rich, says they are kindred spirits, and their everyday lifestyle perfectly showcases this bond.

photo of Rich holding a rottweiler named Gainz
Source: YouTube Screenshot

Clearly, Rich and his soulmate (no offense to Rich’s significant other) are on the same wavelength. They go running, hiking, swimming, and plain old dogging together.

Gainz is well aware that there is more to life than being strong and athletic. Whenever they are at home, the Rottweiler seems to become human and keeps surprising his owners with the level of understanding in different situations.

Photo of rich and gainz holding hands
Source: YouTube Screenshot (Left)                      Source: Instagram Reel Screenshot (Right)

A Rebel Tongue And “Seize The Day” Personality

Just like humans, Rich’s souldog has a few involuntary quirks. One is his tongue. Rich’s partner says he keeps it cool, but it often looks ridiculously oversized for his head.

Entertaining the owners seems to work pretty well, as both of them admit he is more than spoiled. The tongue is a funny one, but the vets say it’s all good.

Photo of Rottweiler Gainz with tongue out
Source: YouTube Video

Celebrating birthdays calls for a good time, and Gainz doesn’t disappoint. For his last birthday, though, he might’ve gone a bit overboard. Every day is full of fun for him and Rich, so he’ll get sober as soon as the harness is on.

funny photo of Gainz after a party
Source: Instagram Photo

If Rich is stressed out by things like work, Gainz will offer his huge head as comfort. Of course, the butt scratches that go along with it are therapeutic for Rich, but Gainz gets “some” satisfaction from it as well.

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Running in the woods, carrying huge “sticks” and zooming around fulfills both Gainz and his owners. There’s not a single day that he feels down. Spreading that positive energy fuels everyone’s day.

He is truly a dog to wish for, and no one takes him for granted. People on Gainz’s Instagram account always express their gratitude for putting a smile on their faces. He can be considered as an ambassador for Rottweilers and their sentimental side.

photos of Gainz on walks
Source: YouTube Video (Left & Middle)                                              Source: Instagram Reel

Gainz Might Just Be Clairvoyant

A story Rich’s partner loves telling is the “coming home from work early” one. Rich went on a business trip and was supposed to come back late at night. However, he managed to get an earlier flight and come home by 8PM.

Nobody knew he would be back by then, so Rich’s partner and Gainz went for a walk. On their way back home, the Rottweiler started acting weird. At first, Rich’s partner didn’t think much of it.

The strange behavior became even more intense once they entered the building and went into the elevator. Gainz was jumping and barking under his voice. Having no clue what was going on, Rich’s partner exited the elevator and saw Gainz dash towards the apartment door.

Who knows what was going on through her head when she saw Gainz that agitated. Upon opening the door, he ran straight for the living room and into Rich’s arms. He definitely knew his favorite human was back home.

Photo of Gainz waiting impatiently for his owner
Source: YouTube Video

Gainz Now Has A Girlfriend, But His One True Love Remains Rich

Rich and his partner are now witnessing Gainz’s new life adventure. Her name is Harley, and she is a dogfluencer, too. The happiness on these Rotties’ faces is a strong mood booster, so look at the photo slowly.

photo of gainz and his girlfriend
Source: Instagram Photo

No matter how fun the Gainz x Harley play dates are, the largest part of Gainz’s photoalbum is filled with Rich’s photos. A few hours a day away from each other makes for the best reunions.

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Who better to soothe a tired Gainzy than Rich. By now, you probably realize that Rich is a great owner, too. He carries his 113 pound Rottie anywhere and everywhere. Gainz says it’s not healthy for his bones to walk too much.

Photo of Gainz and Rich hugging
Source: Instagram Reel (Left)         Source: Instagram Reel (Right)

With such a dynamic lifestyle, Gainz, Rich, and his partner have a lot of daily content on their official Instagram account. Scrolling through their posts was great fun for me, and I wouldn’t blame you for checking-up on this Rottweiler softie in your free time.

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