Badly Injured Pittie Wrapped In Bandages Blossoms In Her Adorable Butterfly Costume

It only takes one hooman and a little bit of affection to change a dog’s entire world.

Maple, the adorable Pittie girl, has been fighting for her life when she was first found under a bridge in California. With deep wounds and lacerations, she had no hope that someone would give her a chance, but one day, everything changed!

This is her story! 

Maple’s Road To Recovery

dog with bad injuries
Source: The Dodo

Zach Skow, of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue, from Tehachapi, California, fell in love with Maple right off the bat! This poor Pittie had severe wounds all over her body, and had full bandages, but even then, her eyes sparkled whenever someone gave her attention.

“The first thing I noticed was that she was very acquiescent to human affection. She wanted people close to her,” Zach told The Dodo.

This giant-hearted dog rescuer decided to give Maple a chance. His initial idea was to take Maple to his ranch for further recovery, and that’s when he got a call from Randi – a long-time dog foster and lover who immediately agreed to foster her.

dog with cute outfit
Source: Rocky Kanaka

Randi took care of Maple around the clock. They visited the vet regularly to change her wraps. In a short period of time, Maple warmed up to Randi, and she completely came out of her shell. For the first time in forever, she started trusting again!

One day, she came out of the vet with the sweetest wrap ever! Instead of her regular bandages, Maple got fashioned with a customized, butterfly-like costume and little hearts on top of her bandaging. 

“She walked out so proud and her head was tall instead of down low that day, and her tail was up,” Randi told The Dodo.

Dog with cosplay of butterfly
Source: Rocky Kanaka

The difference when she came out that day was enormous! She suddenly seemed like a brand-new dog, and soon went from a “poor baby” to a “fashionable girl.”

Zach really loved Maple’s new look! In a way, she looked so sweet and enthusiastic that it felt like she was indeed going to take off – like a beautiful butterfly!

Off To A Forever Home

happy white dog with tongue out
Source: @iamteammaple

Rocky Kanaka, a dog lover who helps shelter dogs tell their story so they can be seen, also took part in Maple’s amazing journey! In collaboration with Zach and the team, he offered to tell Maple’s story on his show and help her find a forever home.

“Crazy to think she was under a bridge with no hope and now she is on a Hollywood studio lot in front of the American Dream home,” Rocky wrote on his Facebook.

Soon enough, this wonderful Pittie crossed paths with Justine – a woman from Reno, Nevada, who provided her with a forever home.

three dogs on a hill
Source: @iamteammaple

Maple’s now completely recovered and doesn’t need bandages anymore, but her butterfly costume will surely be remembered as the day she finally took the first step towards her full recovery.

She enjoys her life very much with other doggo siblings, and takes on new adventures on a daily basis!

Once an injured dog that didn’t stand a chance in this world, Maple is now a brand-new girl, all thanks to humanity!

You can check out Maple’s Instagram and keep up with her adventures!

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