Big Pup Falls In Love With Her Little New Sister And Starts Treating Her As Her Own Baby

It’s amazing to think about the amount of compassion that our dogs possess. Not only do they express it toward us, but they also extend their empathy toward other canines.

It’s due to this trait that our pups are capable of forming strong bonds with both people and other animals.

Today’s story is about a beautiful friendship between Bella, a German Shepherd, and Tinkerbell, a newborn Chihuahua. 

Bella didn’t have doggy friends until Tinkerbell entered her life and changed it completely.

Bella And Tinkerbell’s Bond

german shepherd with little puppy
Source: Whitney Gayle Boswell

Bella had always been reserved toward other dogs and wasn’t interested in becoming friends with them. 

When her mom, Whitney Gayle Boswell, brought a newborn Tinkerbell to their home, she didn’t know how Bella would react. She was three years old at the time.

german shepherd protective above the puppy
Source: Whitney Gayle Boswell

When Boswell saw Bella approaching tiny Tinkerbell and sniffing her for the first time, her heart melted. Bella fell in love with the newborn puppy. 

Ever since Bella met Tinkerbell, she started caring for her as if she were her mom. She felt deeply connected to the little puppy.

a puppy leaning on a golden retriever
Source: Whitney Gayle Boswell

Bella took care of Tinkerbell as she grew up. She never lost sight of her, following her wherever she went. 

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She was extremely protective of her little sister, and the two of them became inseparable.

“She watches over her all the time. While she eats, drinks water or goes to the bathroom,” Boswell told The Dodo.

The Best Sisters

german shepherd squezeeing little puppy on the car seat
Source: Whitney Gayle Boswell

When Tinkerbell grew up, Boswell realized that her personality was similar to Bella’s. Both pups react in the same way when they meet other canines… they start barking.

Despite being a bit aggressive toward other pups, the two doggos get along perfectly. They simply adore each other. 

tiny puppy on the german shepherd's head sitting
Source: Whitney Gayle Boswell

Tinkerbell never felt intimidated by Bella, although she was so tiny compared to her big sister. The adorable Chihuahua often jumps on her sister’s back and Bella doesn’t mind it at all.

Boswell rejoiced at seeing how careful Bella was toward tiny Tinkerbell.

“Bella is extra gentle and careful with Tinkerbell because, even though she thinks she’s a tiny lap dog herself, she knows Tinkerbell is much smaller than her. She’s an awesome big sister,” Boswell added.

german shepherd with puppy sleeping on the bed
Source: Whitney Gayle Boswell

Bella and Tinkerbell are still as close as ever, and they feel happy to have each other. The two sisters love napping with their paws wrapped around each other.

Both pups feel immensely loved in their home and they couldn’t be happier.

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