Blind Dog Treated At Vet Center In Pennsylvania Has A Heartwarming Reaction After Surgery

Our dogs are our family members and they mean the world to us. We are there for them no matter what. If they get sick, we would do anything to help them recover.

Our next story is about Duffy, an Irish Terrier, and his loving family who did everything they could to help their pooch restore his health.

Let’s see how this heartwarming story unfolds. 

Duffy’s Illness

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Duffy spent his days at a shelter in Pennsylvania, waiting for somebody to choose him and give him a home. His happiness was endless when the May family found him and adopted him. He started a new life filled with love and affection.

Everything was perfect until 2013, when Duffy was diagnosed with diabetes. His condition was getting worse day by day, and due to diabetes complications, he lost his eyesight. His life turned into a nightmare.

His parents were heartbroken and they wanted to help him and bring a smile to his face. After they consulted the vets, they found out that there was a possibility of restoring Duffy’s eyesight.

The problem was that surgery was considered too dangerous due to Duffy’s high blood sugar levels.

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His family couldn’t stand seeing their beloved dog struggling.

“It broke my heart seeing this dog I grew up with, who I see as a very good friend…running into things, not being able to recognize me……just struggling,” Benjamin May, Duffy’s owner, wrote on Reddit.

His humans didn’t give up on Duffy and they kept trying to find a solution. They took him to the Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania.


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The vet team gave them hope that Duffy’s surgery might be successful. They made a plan to keep his blood sugar levels under control.

Duffy’s devoted family made sure they did everything in their power to make their pooch ready for surgery.

After a couple of months, Duffy underwent his surgery. His family recorded a video of him after the surgery. He was wearing a protective neck cone to prevent his eye from becoming damaged. At first, he seemed a little bit disoriented.

As soon as he regained his eyesight, he ran into the arms of his parents. He was delighted and unable to contain his happiness.

blind dog with collar
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He licked his family members’ faces while his tail wagged frantically. He showered them with hugs and kisses.

After a long time, his family saw him smiling. His face beamed with happiness.

In the video, his devoted parents were heard cheering. They were overjoyed because Duffy’s surgery was successful. 

His family didn’t care that the surgery to restore their dog’s eyesight cost $5000. 

He’s happy and he makes us happy, he’s family to us, you can’t put a price on family,” May said.

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It’s a joy to see Duffy sharing his happiness with his parents. He knows that they were there for him from the very beginning. We are overjoyed that he can continue enjoying his life with his forever family.

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