Boy Coming Home From School Noticed Something Furry Stuck In A Hole

While walking home from school, taking the same route, one boy heard something very unusual and alarming.

It was coming from a construction site, and it sounded like a dog who desperately needed help.

Rescue Mission

a woman stands next to a dug hole
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Since the dog was nowhere to be seen, the boy decided to look for him. At first, he had no luck in finding him, but the boy didn’t give up.

He started following the cries, which eventually brought him to the pup who had gotten himself in a very sticky situation.

a black dog peeks out of the hole
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The boy knew he needed some help, so he alerted his sister, Karlo, who dropped everything she was doing and rushed to help the poor pup.

First, she sprayed the dog with water as well as reassured him that she was only trying to help.

Then, when she gained the dog’s trust, she carefully lifted him out of a hole.

a woman pours water over a black puppy rescued from a hole
Source: TikTok

Since he had likely spent a long time in the hole, the pup was so exhausted and weak that he couldn’t stand up on his paws.

As he was lying on the ground, Karlo sprayed him with water again, trying to cool him down and clean him up.

Karlo then decided that they couldn’t just leave the pup there so she told her brother to carry the pup home.

They also captured the whole rescue and posted it on TikTok, where it soon went viral.



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At The Vet

Karlo then gave the pup a nice bath to get him nice and clean before taking him to the vet.

At the vet, the pup got a very thorough checkup as well as some nutritious food that would help him get his strength back.

a woman holds a puppy in her arms and gives him food from an injection
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They also found out that this pup wasn’t a stray, as they had initially thought. Rather, he had an owner who was living close by.

Karlo went to the owners, telling them about the pup’s little accident and informing them that he would be staying at the vet until he started feeling better.

The owner told them that the dog, named Doguinho, also has a little family that is worried and is waiting for him to come back home.

portrait of a rescued brown puppy
Source: TikTok

Final Word

Even though Doguinho was in safe hands now, Karlo simply couldn’t forget about him.

She continued to visit him at the vet, and also kept in contact with his owner, offering him help with not just Doguinho, but all of the other dogs he was taking care of.I am sure that the brave little pup will recover in no time and will finally be reunited with his adorable little family.

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