Couple Hiking Shocked When They Hear A Strange Noise Coming From The Woods

As the couple hiked in the California woods, slowly approaching its depth, little did they know that an adorable surprise awaited them.

While they were walking, they suddenly heard a strange noise coming from the creek, so they decided to check what it was.

Once they reached the creek, they were surprised to see a mama dog giving birth to cute little puppies. 

A Loving Foster Home 

the puppies lie next to the mother dog
Source: @thomohawk

The hikers immediately took the mama dog, Ruby, and her three puppies to a local shelter. Eight days later, Hopalong Animal Rescue, a non-profit animal rescue based in Oakland, California, took them in. 

They called Thom McCallum, one of the rescue’s foster parents, and asked him to take care of mama dog Ruby and her puppies, Jax, Tito, and Kirby.

As soon as McCallum came to pick them up, he noticed that Ruby was timid and very exhausted. 

a man sits on the steps while kissing and hugging his dog
Source: @thomohawk

He welcomed them to his home in Berkeley, and he did his best to make sure they knew they were safe. 

Seeing that her pups could finally enjoy the warmth of a home, Ruby was relieved. She was an incredible mom, and she was very focused on taking care of her little babies. 

McCallum was eager to start playing with the cute pups, but he had to wait because they were taking their much-needed naps. 

He spent a lot of time with Ruby and tried to bond with her. Ruby let him stroke her, and they often played games together. 

Gaining Ruby’s Trust

a man and a dog exchange affections in the forest
Source: @thomohawk

Seeing how caring McCallum was to her and her babies, Ruby let her guard down. Her foster dad was glad that the lovely dog started to trust him.

“Ruby is finally asleep in my lap, and my heart is so full. The end of such a lovely day I didn’t expect,” McCallum wrote on his Instagram.

After three weeks, Jax, Kirby, and Tito didn’t need to sleep all the time, and they became energetic. The playful pups were excited to start exploring the house and playing with their stuffed toys. 

They often licked their foster dad’s face, and showered him with affection. 

McCallum had an amazing time with Ruby and the puppies. When he took them for walks, he would put them into a wagon. The pups were the happiest when they played outside. 

Ruby And Her Pups Get Their Happy Ending

a man holds three puppies in his arms
Source: @thomohawk

As time passed, Ruby got attached to her dad, and she wanted to be with him all the time. They became best friends. They formed a strong and unbreakable bond. McCallum knew that he couldn’t be separated from Ruby. 

“She loves it here. I love being with her, and I think I’m the best home for her.”

As soon as Ruby’s puppies reached the age for adoption, they found their forever homes. The pups are living their best lives in California. 

McCallum’s neighbor adopted Tito, and the sweet pup spends a lot of time with his mama, Ruby.

McCallum and Ruby love each other very much. He still fosters with Hopalong Animal Rescue. Ruby is a very compassionate and loving pup who helps her dad with his foster fur babies.

I’m thrilled to see that Ruby and all her puppies got their happy endings. By being surrounded by their caring families, they feel safe and loved.

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