Couple Living In Wisconsin Has Their Wedding At The Vet To Include Their Beloved Dog

A truly unbreakable bond has always existed between Cat and her long-time dog – Bear. This woman from Merrimac, Wisconsin, adopted Bear 17 years ago from a local shelter. She was just a kid back then, but the love was real, and over the years – it only got stronger!

Unlike her other friends from high school, Cat always fantasized about a wedding with Bear being a part of it. She had this little dream that he would appear in a small, red wagon and be there for this beautiful milestone in her life.

Unfortunately, due to Bear’s health issues, Cat and her partner, Jimmy, were just too nervous that he wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding they scheduled a week later, so they decided to do the most amazing thing ever!

“I’ll Be There For You When The Rain Starts To Pour”

a woman holds her sick dog in her arms
Source: VCA Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center

Cat never took the “getting married without Bear” idea as an option! She was absolutely certain that her long-time buddy had to be there on her big day, and so was Cat’s partner – Jimmy.

Even though he met Bear years after, in 2011, Jimmy already felt welcomed into the club! He even brought Bear to visit Cat while she was away at college many times. 

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This little furball became an unavoidable part of their lives and it was pretty hard to imagine life without him.

smiling couple with their dogs in a car trailer
Source: Cat Kukla

When she realized that Bear couldn’t attend their original ceremony, Cat asked Jimmy for his opinion on the whole idea of getting married at the vet – and he agreed without hesitation!

The Last-Minute Wedding At The Hospital

smiling loving couple having a wedding with their dog
Source: VCA Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center

The ceremony took place at Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center, in Middleton, Wisconsin. 

“Cat and Jimmy were scheduled to be married next weekend, but after Bear was hospitalized due to his kidney disease, they wanted to ensure he would be right by their side for this beautiful milestone in their lives,” wrote the VCA team on their Facebook.

Bear was treated there for his kidney disease, and until the big day came – he wasn’t active – at all! However, once his pawrents exchanged their vows in front of him and their friends and family, Bear appeared to be much better! 

a girl spends time with her sick dog
Source: VCA Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center

He even got up from his wagon and walked around… a lot!

It was such a beautiful day for all three of them! You could just tell from Bear’s behavior that he was so glad to have his parents near on the biggest day of their lives. 

And, the greatest news of all – he was discharged from the hospital just two days later.

Bear Got To See His Pawrents Get Married For The Second Time

a girl celebrates her wedding with her dog
Source: VCA Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center

Even though they weren’t sure whether Bear would recover enough to attend their scheduled ceremony a week later, a true miracle happened! 

a man and a woman at a wedding with their dogs
Source: VCA Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center

The VCA staff reported that this 17-year-old furball got much better at home, and he actually attended the original wedding alongside his two siblings, Bruno and Bentley Fish.

“We are happy to report, Bear recovered and was able to attend the originally scheduled ceremony (what a lucky pup to be able to see his parents say, ‘I do’ TWO times) alongside the couple’s other dogs, Bentley Fish and Bruno,” wrote the VCA team.

cute dog ready for wedding
Source: VCA Veterinary Emergency Service & Veterinary Specialty Center

Still, their wedding at the hospital will probably remain the one that counts the most, as the meaning behind it was so much bigger! Both Cat and Jimmy agree that if they had to do it again – they absolutely would! 

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And, as for Bruno – he’s currently doing great in his loving home. We really hope he stays healthy and happy next to his pawrents for as long as possible!

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