Couple Saves A Pregnant Mama Dog Abandoned By A Backyard Breeder

Unethical methods of breeding not only display a complete lack of compassion, but also frequently put dogs at risk of death. 

Engaging in these practices jeopardizes the well-being of the animals involved, subjecting them to conditions that can lead to severe harm. 

Moreover, as an additional outcome, when they cease to generate profit, these unfortunate dogs often find themselves abandoned on the streets. 

This is exactly what happened to Solari, a pregnant mama dog whose breeders simply decided to dump her on the streets when they couldn’t sell her puppies. 

They didn’t care if something happened to her or if she and her yet-to-be-born babies froze to death…

Saved By The Bell

dog sitting outside
Source: Sun Village Animal Rescue

When Lisa and Grant, a couple from Victorville, California, noticed a pregnant mama dog roaming their neighborhood, they couldn’t help but take her in. 

Their neighbors are backyard breeders, and they immediately knew where she came from as well as the fact that they didn’t want to do anything with her anymore.  

Apparently, after they couldn’t sell her puppies, they decided to get rid of her by throwing the pregnant mama on the street. 

Lisa told We Love Animals, “Our neighbors are backyard breeders and so this is a dog that they used to breed, but I guess last time they tried to sell the puppies and nobody wanted them, so they decided that they were going to just kick her out of their yard by boarding up the back fence and just let her roam the neighborhood.”

They didn’t care about her at all. 

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Source: We Love Animals

“She wanders the neighborhood, she gets attached by other dogs, and she doesn’t have a home”, said Lisa. 

After she was wandering around for weeks and coming to their house almost every day, Lisa and Grant decided to offer a warm and safe place for the pregnant mama.

A few days later, Solari gave birth to 8 adorable puppies. 

Mama And Her Babies 

dog feeding its puppies
Source: We Love Animals

The couple had to figure out what to do with all the babies and the mama, of course. They called the shelters in the area, but everyone was full, so they decided to take care of the furry family and find them all loving homes. 

Solari was such a good mama, but she was starving, not only for food, but also for love and affection… something she never had in her life. 

“You could tell she wanted the attention, but she had had such a hard time asking for it from her previous ‘owners’. But since we’ve taken her in, she’s absolutely a different dog,” Grant said. 

She got to play with a toy for the first time and turn into a real dog who loves playing, learning commands, and enjoying pets. Solari is such a smart dog. 

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The puppies, on the other hand, were growing up nicely. They unfortunately lost one puppy on day 4, but the others were all healthy. All of them were super fun and adorable. 

“The adoption process has been really fun. We actually received a tremendous amount of support and want to adopt mama dog too. She’s a great mom, but she finally gets to have her rest. She gets to just be a dog for the rest of her life,” Lisa said. 

The couple received over 100 applications in just one day, but they wanted to make sure that all dogs went to a home that was suitable for them and where they would be loved and cared for. 

Rescuing Those In Need

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Source: @sunvillageanimalrescue

The puppies’ start to life wasn’t ideal, but thanks to these amazing people, all of them have found homes full of love, and they even adopted one of the boys, now named Eru. 

Inspired by the wholesome work they did with the mama and her babies, Lisa and Grant decided to start a nonprofit animal rescue organization called Sun Village Animal Rescue based in Victorville, California. 

“Solari will forever hold a special place in our heart. Without her, none of this would have been possible. She was a God-given gift that we were tasked to nurture and love with our whole hearts. We wouldn’t change anything for the world,” it states on the rescue’s website. 

There are already multiple dogs that have been saved and adopted through this organization, so don’t hesitate to support the incredible work they do. 

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