Couple Shocked To Finally Realize What The Mystery Animal From The Canal Was

While a couple was having a walk alongside a canal in Price, Utah, they heard some strange noises coming from the water.

Taking a closer look, they saw something furry and fuzzy moving up and down the edge of the canal.

When they realized what they were looking at, they were shocked.  

A Dog In Need

dog in a canal and a man trying to help
Source: Price City Police Department

A little helpless dog had fallen into the canal and was trying to get out.

Since the canal was surrounded by a fence and barbed wire, the couple wasn’t able to get to the dog on their own. However, they couldn’t just leave her. They quickly contacted the local police department, letting them know that somebody needs their help.

When Captain Brandon Ratcliffe answered the phone and learned about the situation, he was on his way.

man trying to get to the dog in a canal
Source: Price City Police Department

When the Captain got there, the dog, Chica, was barking and gasping, trying to hold on to the bank as best as she could.

“The sounds she was making [were] like she was having trouble breathing or had water in her lungs. Nonetheless, I climbed the fence and jumped over the barbed wire while Officer Tapia was able to unlock the gate further down the canal on the other side. Just in case she slipped away, Officer Tapia would have been in position to grab her”, said Captain Brandon.

Luckily, Captain Brandon was able to grab Chica right away and carry her to safety.

She was so relieved about being rescued that she simply didn’t want to be put down on the ground. Chica wanted to be held by her rescuer.  

photo of the man and a dog from the canal
Source: Price City Police Department

New Friends

At first, Captain Brandon was going to take Chica to the rescue where she would be taken care of; however, he had a change of heart.

He decided that he would take her to his home and get her a bit cleaned up.

After some grooming, he took Chica to the Price City Police Department where he introduced her to the officers and the staff. Being so adorable, Chica became friends with everybody in no time. She was so happy and grateful to be saved by such incredible people.

dog at the police department
Source: Price City Police Department

After having a fun time at the station, Chica was taken to the vet where they discovered that she had been microchipped.

When her mom was located, she stated how she was looking for her the entire morning, worrying about Chica’s safety. She was extremely grateful to Captain Brandon for saving her little girl.

The owner offered to pay the individuals who spotted Chica, but I told her all everyone wanted was to make sure Chica was OK.

dog sitting on the couch with a woman
Source: Price City Police Department

Final Word

I am also extremely grateful to Captain Brandon for being ready to jump in and help no matter who needed it.

And, Chica, your willingness to come home reminded me that persistence is key. Good girl, Chica!

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