Couple Shocked To See A Mysterious Suitcase Moving On A Busy Road

Usually, when we come across abandoned or stray dogs, they are beat down, hungry, and afraid. Most of them tend to avoid humans out of fear or hate, and they live in a desolate area with no food.

But, what happened to this couple is something quite unusual because it’s unlike anything anyone has seen before.

A Mysterious Suitcase

black puppies
Source: Source: Guilford County Animal Services

Just as they were driving down a North Carolina highway, the couple ran into a suitcase right in the middle of the road. 

Completely baffled by what they saw, they slowed down and decided to check it out. It appeared to be moving and shifting.

They unzipped the bag and realized that there were four small puppies inside just moving around.

The dogs seemed extremely friendly at first glance, and they were wiggling their tails from excitement.

The couple was a bit shocked by what they saw, so they grabbed the dogs and took them to Guilford County Animal Services.

Four Happy Sisters

cute black puppies
Source: Source: Guilford County Animal Services

The staff at the shelter were also in disbelief as to how they were found because they had never heard of such a thing.

One staff member commented for The Dodo: We all expressed shock that someone would do that.

The staff determined that all four puppies were female, and they were extremely hesitant when they first arrived at the shelter.

As time went on, they grew accustomed to the people working there and relaxed.

The shelter representative told The Dodo: They are very scared and shy. The medical team says they haven’t had much human socialization, so our staff is interacting and playing with them.

a couple of black puppies
Source: Source: Guilford County Animal Services

The staff gave the puppies quite unusual names. All were named after luggage items or anything travel related.

So, the names were: Tumi, Samsonite, Stowaway, and Carion. After their medical reviews, they were all put up for adoption.

Soon enough, 3 out of 4 sisters would find their forever home. The only one who had issues finding her new home was Samsonite. 

In one of their Facebook posts, the Guildford County Animal Services commented: Do you remember the “Suitcase Sisters”? All had been adopted, but little Samsonite was returned earlier this month and is currently growing up at the shelter without a home.

She has become increasingly more social every time she is taken out for walks and play.

Please share Samsonite. She is a favorite here at the shelter and we are all rooting for her to find a loving home.

I feel a bit bad for her, but given how sweet and adorable she is, there is no doubt in my mind that some kind soul will come and take her to a new home.

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