Couple Started Eating Pizza Only To Notice Someone Else Reaching Out For A Bite

Family nights in my home always meant delicious food, a good family movie, and all of us in the room snuggled together. 

It didn’t matter if mom or dad had time to cook that evening. We loved whenever they ordered pizza. 

Even as kids, we knew the important thing was to spend some quality time with each other. 

A young family, Joe Cunningham, and his partner, wanted exactly one of those relaxed, special family nights. 

But, plans sometimes remain just… plans. 

Something unexpected, which landed on their pizza dinner, turned everything upside down.

We Didn’t Order That Topping

dog licks pizza
Source: TikTok

It was a busy day, and all Joe and his partner wanted was to have a bite to eat and unwind with their favorite TV show. 

Since no one wanted to cook that evening, the only logical thing was to order in.

It was pizza night!

The couple was excited for their meal at the end of the day. However, when they opened the box, they found an extra topping on their pizza they didn’t order.

It was pink.

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It was soft and squishy.

And, it was moving!

What could it be?

Pushing through that little hole on the pizza box, desperate to reach the delicious goodness, was the tongue of their dog, Teddy. 


Hungry Staffy #staffy #bluestaffy

♬ Delicious – T-Spoon

Teddy, the blue Staffy they adopted a few months ago, was mesmerized by the smell of the yummy pizza. He simply had to taste it. His taste buds were going nuts and his mouth was like a waterfall. 

Comments on social media all agreed: at this point, they might as well give him that slice of pizza. 

Well, since we all know dogs aren’t allowed to have pizza, we hope that Joe and his partner are good owners that would feed only proper dog food to their superstar pup.

The pizza licker pup became famous for his persistence to get what he wanted. 

gray dog sitting
Source: @jccunningham__

The viral video scored an incredible number of 30 million views on TikTok! And, I bet Teddy won’t just stop there, despite the fact that he didn’t get to munch on the cheesy goodness.

At least, Teddy did get to surprise his taste buds with something other than kibble. 

You know what they say: The best pizza is only as good as its crust.

Teddy couldn’t agree more.

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