Cruelly Abandoned Pittie Starts Smiling Again After Getting A New Home

As much as we all wish that every single dog in the whole wide world only knew about love and adoration, this, unfortunately, isn’t always the case.

Today’s story features a doggo who didn’t have the happiest life in the beginning, but luckily, everything changed when she met the right hoomans.

Best Surprise Ever

cute mama dog sitting on a grass
Source: @pumpkinpiepitbull

When Jackie saw the most adorable Pittie by the name of Pumpkin, she immediately fell in love.

Pumpkin was held in a rescue by the name of Collar Inc., based in Newark, Delaware, that rescued her after being cruelly abandoned.

She was a throwaway mom. She got heartworm, so I guess whoever had her before couldn’t breed her anymore because of that,” said Jackie.  

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Source: @pumpkinpiepitbull

Jackie immediately wanted to give Pumpkin a forever home, but since she still lived with her parents who weren’t for the idea of adopting another dog, Jackie had to forget all about her.

That was until she came home one day and got the biggest surprise ever.

I heard some jingling and I went downstairs and I was like ‘Is that Pumpkin?’ She had a little bow on her and my birthday was in five days. So that was my birthday present.

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Source: @pumpkinpiepitbull

After finding out that her parents allowed another dog in the house, Jackie was over the moon.

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However, her mom did remind her that this may not be the final decision, but rather a trial to see if Pumpkin would adjust to her new surroundings.

Since years have passed since Pumpkin’s adoption, it is obvious that she had no trouble settling in whatsoever.

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Even though Pumpkin’s first days in her new home were met with a little anxiety, she managed to make herself comfortable in no time.

I don’t know much about her background. I don’t know if she’s ever had a family or not but she really did make herself at home right away.

New Life

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Source: @pumpkinpiepitbull

Even though Pumpkin was Jackie’s gift, she picked her dad as her favorite human.

When he comes home from work, it’s the best part of her day. I think she sees my dad as the one who rescued her. I’m like the older sister who takes her out for ice cream when she’s not supposed to have ice cream.

Unfortunately, Jackie’s other dog, Shiloh, still doesn’t really like the fact that she has to share all the love and attention with another doggo.

Shiloh most of the time is like ‘Basically, that’s my little sister and she’s really annoying’.

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Source: @pumpkinpiepitbull

Breaking The Stereotype

Even though many believe that Pit Bulls are a very aggressive breed, this couldn’t be further from the truth and Pumpkin is here to prove it.

As soon as one’s eyes meet her’s, it is clear as day that this dog knows nothing but kindness and love.

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Source: @pumpkinpiepitbull

This was also proven to one of Jackie’s friends.

I have a friend who used to be terrified of dogs and now she’s like ‘I want a Pit Bull because of Pumpkin’.

Since Jackie is planning on moving out soon, she and her dad have had some disputes about whether Pumpkin will move out as well or stay home.

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My dad’s like ‘Okay, but I’m keeping Pumpkin’. I’m like, you gave her to me as a gift and he’s like ‘She likes me better’.

In whichever home Pumpkin ends up in, I am sure that she will feel very much welcomed, surrounded with love and adoration, just like she deserves!

Good girl, Pumpkin!

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