Delivery Driver Surprised To Discover That A Dog Approaching Him Was Something Else

Driving a delivery truck sounds like a boring and monotonous job at first. You always have a similar route and similar places to visit, and besides that, you are always alone on it.

However, it is not exactly as it seems at first glance since drivers experience many things on their way, and sometimes they even meet someone they definitely did not expect. 

If they also radiate some special energy that attracts, then excitement on their way is guaranteed.

A Guest He Definitely Did Not Expect

the dog approaches the truck
Source: TikTok

It was another ordinary working day for Erik, an Amazon delivery driver, on his regular route through Texas. Little did he know that he would meet someone totally unexpected on the way. 

So, while he was driving through Austin, the capital of Texas, he had to stop suddenly because a dog was casually walking in the middle of the road… at least he thought so.

Since similar situations had happened to him before, he didn’t get too excited, and just let the dog pass so he could continue driving. However, he found something strange about him.

He quickly realized what it was about because this strange “dog”, instead of continuing on his way, came right in front of him upon the entrance of the truck.

a strange dog licks a man's hand
Source: TikTok

When he saw what he was witnessing, Erik burst out laughing and couldn’t stop. It was actually a goat with a collar and a leash. The goat even started greeting Erik just like a dog would. 

@erikdtrick Saw this weird looking dog on my route today… #dogsoftiktok #amazon ♬ original sound – erikdtrick

Luckily, for us, Erik filmed all of this and posted it on TikTok so that all people could see and laugh at this absurd situation.

One TikTok user even commented that the goat has a bell because it is problematic, so this situation was at least a little clearer to Erik and to all of us.

Using the leash, Erik was able to lead the friendly goat back to where he came from. It was really funny looking at someone leading a goat on a leash!

@erikdtrick Replying to @Jane Doe ♬ original sound – erikdtrick

Animals Simply Love Him

This was an unexpected event for Erik, but also one that he will remember fondly forever. 

However, later, Erik revealed to us that he actually had experiences with animals on the road before. To the question of one of his followers “Have you ever had a dog (or goat) refuse to leave the truck?”, he answered with a new video. 

@erikdtrick Replying to @spook-the-shark ♬ original sound – erikdtrick

His followers were delighted, and one of them was so impressed that she left him the comment, “You are like Snow White lol animals love you”

Of course, Erik could not remain indifferent to that either, so he shared another video that truly confirmed that animals, for some reason, simply adore this man.

@erikdtrick Replying to @Azulstar67 best part of the job #amazon #dogsoftiktok ♬ original sound – erikdtrick

Although Erik, as we can see, had various experiences with animals, this one with the strange-looking “dog” will definitely remain the most etched in his memory.

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