Desiree Kice Obituary: Somonauk High School Counselor

Desiree Kice, Beloved Somonauk High School Counselor, Passes Away Unexpectedly

It is with profound sorrow that we announce the sudden passing of Desiree Kice, a cherished counselor at Somonauk High School in Somonauk, Illinois. Her untimely departure this week has been officially confirmed by the school.

Desiree was a paragon of human grace and kindness, touching lives at every turn. She leaves behind a devastated community—family, students, and staff at Somonauk High School—who remain in our collective thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Desiree Kice Obituary: Somonauk High School Counselor
Desiree Kice Obituary: Somonauk High School Counselor

Desiree Kice served as the esteemed guidance counselor at Somonauk High School. Her educational journey spanned multiple institutions, including National Louis University, Columbia College, and Glenbard South High School.

Passionate about experiencing the world, Desiree took not one but two solo backpacking adventures through Europe, with England as her destination of choice. Beyond her role as a counselor, she aspired to become a motivational speaker, driven by her zeal to inspire the next generation of high school students.

Desiree wasn’t just remarkable in her professional duties; she was an extraordinary human being who left an indelible mark on everyone she met. With a demeanor that could only be described as both calming and uplifting, she possessed a rare compassion that won hearts effortlessly.

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Desiree was a beacon of virtue, whose very presence inspired those around her. Her unique blend of humor added a distinctive flair to her personality, making her not just likable but irresistibly captivating. A witty and original thinker, she wore her multifaceted personality like a badge of honor.

The magnetism of her upbeat energy was simply infectious, drawing friends and acquaintances alike into her orbit. She communicated her genuine sincerity through both her words and actions, creating an authentic sense of community wherever she went. Known for her vivacious spirit and ability to inject humor into any situation, she remains a cherished friend in the memories of all who knew her. Her legacy continues to live on, painting smiles on faces and warming hearts whenever she is remembered.

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