Detroit Police Officer Rescues A Pit Bull Tied To A Porch In The Freezing Cold

A heartwarming story unfolded when a Detroit Police Department officer rescued a helpless Pit Bull left stranded on a porch in the freezing cold. 

Officer Eric McCombs became a hero with his heartwarming act of compassion after he, without hesitation, saved this poor soul from her icy predicament. 

It’s genuinely heartbreaking to think that someone could leave such a sweet creature to suffer in the freezing cold, which is sadly a common occurrence in the Detroit area.

Fortunately, passionate individuals like officer McCombs ensure that tales of rescue and warmth persist, even in the midst of such challenging circumstances.

Stranded Pit Bull In -20° Windchill 

pit bull on a porch
Source: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

Officer McCombs was on patrol in the middle of the night when he spotted a poor dog out in the freezing cold stuck on a chain which had become entangled on a porch. 

As a huge dog lover, this officer didn’t even think twice about saving this poor girl.

“When I went up to her, I was like, ‘This can’t be.’ I didn’t even think, I was just like, ‘I need to rescue this dog’,” officer McCombs told The Dodo.   

On that particular night in Detroit, the windchill dropped to -20 degrees – an extremely harsh and cold environment for a dog to be exposed to outdoors continuously.

“I was angry because it was intentional. Who could do this? Somebody had the thought of, ‘I’m gonna chain this dog to a porch and leave her there while she’s completely malnourished,” officer McCombs said. 

dog in the snow
Source: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

The poor dog was not just freezing, but she was also very hungry. She eagerly ate the treats they offered her, highlighting the desperate need for nourishment and warmth. 

Just by looking at her, it was evident that she hadn’t had anything to eat in a considerable amount of time.

As they released her from the porch, she was both petrified and happy to be finally free. She quickly jumped in the police vehicle. 

police officer petting the pit bull
Source: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

“She had frostbite on the tips of her ears. My partner and I got her in the car, and then we were just like, ‘What do we do from here?’ We ended up having to take her to an animal shelter,” McCombs said.   

They ended up bringing the dog to Detroit Animal Care and Control.

Yet, one of the officers couldn’t shake the thoughts of her from his mind.

Happy Beginnings 

rescued pit bull at the shelter
Source: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

Throughout her stay at the shelter, Officer McCombs couldn’t help but ponder how she deserved more than just a confined kennel crate.

She deserved to have a good life. But, who was going to provide her that? 

It didn’t take long for officer McCombs to figure out that he had fallen in love with this sweet little girl – later named Sweet Pea – and he decided to officially adopt her. 

photo of the officer and pit bull in the car
Source: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

He reached out to Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue for help, and this was what they shared in their Facebook post: 

“One of the officers couldn’t stop thinking about her, so he reached out to us, and today we went and pulled her. We are going to be taking care of all of her medical needs, and then she will be adopted by her hero… DPD Officer McCombs!” 

Eric already had one dog [Homer], but deep down, he knew he had to save this little girl. “It was a special moment. Double the food, double the vet, double whatever. I had to,” McCombs said. 

When she first arrived at her new home, Sweet Pea didn’t know how to be an indoor dog. She wouldn’t jump on the couch or the bed, or even eat peanut butter. 

She just needed some time, and that’s exactly what she got. 

pit bull lying in dog bed
Source: Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue

Soon, Sweet Pea learned to embrace the joys of her newfound life, reveling in the love and care that surrounded her. 

Now, she’s loving her new dream life, with her past life on the streets of Detroit fading into a distant memory. 

Truly A Hero 

man posing with two dogs
Source: Eric McCombs

Sweet Pea is not the only dog officer McCombs has rescued from the streets of Detroit. 

He actually rescues dogs everywhere he goes, serving as a true beacon of hope for many neglected and abandoned dogs. 

“Why not rescue Pit Bulls and serve as a police officer simultaneously?” he questioned, and I echo the sentiment – why not, indeed?

Thank you, Officer Eric McCombs, for all that you’ve done for these innocent furry beings. Your compassion and dedication make a significant difference in their lives.

“We are so proud to have Officer McCombs as a part of our team and thankful that he is an officer that goes above and beyond to help the voiceless animals that need a hero,” Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue said. 

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