Dog Can’t Stop Hugging Hoomans Who Saved Him From Euthanasia

There is nothing worse than seeing a sweet and healthy dog who was rejected by everyone and scheduled to be put down.

This practice is not too uncommon, but it’s so wrong. Every sweet pup deserves a new chance to live their life and find someone who will care for them.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who was scheduled to be put down, but was saved in the nick of time by animal rescuers.

Just In The Nick Of Time

photo of dog and man hugging
Source: The Dodo

When a group of animal rescuers from Hearts United for Good, in North Carolina, heard about Ross and his story, they went to rescue him immediately, as there was no time to waste.

He was scheduled to be put down, and his saviors got there as fast as possible. When they came to his aid, it turned out there was only 2 hours left.

One of the rescuers, Bethany McDonald, managed to pick him up and Ross just seemed so sweet and grateful that he was finally out of the woods.

When Bethany realized there was no room for him in the house, she took him to the HUGCLT Rescue Office in North Carolina until she could find a home for him.

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Source: The Dodo

They quickly took notice that he was really smelly, so they wasted no time in giving him a nourishing bath to clean him up.

After they left him for just a moment, she noticed that he would not stop moving, as he was pretty anxious being away from her.

Considering that he was confined for so long, he seemed to enjoy walks a lot. Bethany told The Dodo: I would get up and take him out every little bit.

Ross’s New Chance

dog standing on tile
Source: The Dodo

This whole time, he had not stopped moving, as he wanted to walk to make sure he was safe, but something was holding him back.

When the sun finally started coming up, it was like there was a moment of revelation, and Ross just knew he was safe. He stopped walking and just melted into Bethany’s arms.

After this, he went inside the office, lied down, and just went to sleep. After all, it was a very difficult day for him.

Bethany said: I promised Ross that I would find him a home. So, I posted him on Facebook, and in no time, this amazing woman reached out wanting to adopt him.

His luck was turning for the better quickly, so they loaded Ross into the car and took him to see his new mom.

woman and dog in a car
Source: The Dodo

No sooner after they met, this happy dog fell in love with his new owner and gave her a lot of kisses.

Bethany continued by saying: He fell asleep on her. She fell asleep on him. There is nothing else he could have done to show how absolutely perfect and happy and safe he felt.

After going through so much, Ross can finally live a long and happy life with his new family. I am so glad to see how things turned out great for this adorable dog.

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