Dog Dumped In Front Of A Shelter In Virginia With The Most Heartbreaking Note

Getting a dog needs to be a well-thought-out decision. From the very moment they enter our life, our furry friends become an important part of our family. We promise to be with them for better or worse.

It saddens me to know that many dog owners decide to dump their furry family members when they become seniors and when they need some extra love and care.

Senior pups feel betrayed and hurt after being rejected by their family with whom they spent their whole life.

Princess, a senior Poodle, knows exactly how it feels to be abandoned by the humans she trusted most. 

Left And Betrayed

a dog dumped with his belongings
Source: Miri’s Haven Senior Dog Rescue

She was dumped with all her belongings packed in shopping bags in the parking lot of the Animal Western League of Alexandria, the shelter located in Virginia. 

As soon as the shelter members found her, they took her inside. They were left brokenhearted when they found her owners’ note asking the shelter to put Princess down and to donate all her belongings after she passed away.

The senior dog felt confused and unsure of everything after she found herself at the shelter. She missed her owners and the only place she ever called home. Princess hoped that her family would come back for her.

The staff took care of the adorable pup. She was taken to a vet and was diagnosed with advanced kidney disease. Princess was estimated to be 16 years old.

Since the shelter didn’t have sufficient resources for the medical care she needed, the doggo was transferred to Miri’s Haven Senior Dog Rescue in Virginia. 

Receiving The Love And Care She Needed

sad look of a shaggy dog
Source: Miri’s Haven Senior Dog Rescue

The rescue staff went out of their way to make her feel better, giving her all their love and care. Gradually, the sweet doggo began to open up and soak up all that love.

Due to her age and kidney disease, Princess needed hospice care. Luckily, she didn’t feel any pain. She needed some time to overcome her heartbreak of being abandoned when she needed her family the most. 

The rescue staff knew that Princess’ feelings were hurt and they continued to shower her with love and cuddles. They were thrilled to see that Princess started feeling much better.

“We see her thrive more and more each day…,” said Georgia Dodson, the director and cofounder of Miri’s Haven Senior Dog Rescue.

a portrait of two dogs standing on a colorful carpet and looking at the camera
Source: Miri’s Senior Dog Rescue

Princess enjoyed her life with a wonderful hospice foster who loved her and cared for her just like she deserved. This pretty girl had a lot of love to give.

After seeing the delightful Poodle flourish day after day, the rescue staff started to believe that the cute senior was not a hospice and that she could find loving parents and a forever home.

Knowing that Princess is loved and taken care of makes me feel overjoyed. I have no doubts that the sweet senior pup will find a wonderful family who will love and cherish her for the rest of her life.

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