Dog Found Freezing And Alone Next To A Fence Is Now Safe In A Warm And Cozy Home

Sometimes, we find stories about dogs who are abandoned for absolutely no reason.

Whether it was a simple case of the owner being unable to take care of the dog anymore, an act of forgetfulness, or something far more cruel, we don’t know.

However, for Peterbilt, his story had a happy ending as Stray Rescue St. Louis workers showed up to the scene.

Cold And Alone

Peterbilt looking eagerly at his two saviors as they get him out of the cold.
Credit: Facebook

The two workers found him huddled up against a fence, likely trying to curl up to preserve body heat.

They approached slowly, not knowing how he’d react and worried he’d be too scared of them and run out into the highway and oncoming traffic.

Peterbilt looks happy as he gets found
Credit: Facebook

Thankfully, Peterbilt was a good boy and he didn’t move aside from his tail which immediately started to wag in the presence of kind hoomans.

It was clear he was previously domesticated and was familiar with human interaction given how he didn’t even flinch at their approach.

Peterbilt safe from traffic in the Stray Rescue St. Louis car
Credit: Facebook

The two of them made sure he was comfortable and relaxed before they got him over to the car into some warmth, after which more petting and cuddles ensued.

The ride was calm and Peterbilt was cleaned up and checked medically before being taken to a foster home.

Safe And Inside A Warm And Loving Home

Peterbilt cozying up to a warm fireplace
Credit: Ilovemydogsomuch

It didn’t take long for dear Peterbilt to find his foster family, especially not after seeing how well mannered of a doggo he is.

Now, he spends his time in a nice and cozy home and enjoys the love and attention of his foster pet parent until he gets adopted by a forever family, which I’m sure will be quite soon.

After all, his story had gone viral, so it only stands to reason that someone will want to give this good boi an even better home.

It Pays To Be Kind

Peterbilt’s striking gaze is bound to attract adopters quickly
Credit: Facebook

Peterbilt’s story is one of many, of the potential dangers that exist when people don’t think about the responsibilities involved when raising a dog.

A lot of people get in over their heads and then end up either having to give their doggos up to a shelter or leave them out on the streets to fend for themselves.

So, think about what goes into raising a dog before making the leap, it may end up better for both you and your potential furry friend if you do so.

But, Peterbilt’s story also teaches us that the dogs we find on the streets do need our help, and if you can spare it, a little bit of your aid goes a long way.

Until next time, pet parents.

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