Dog Found In Wisconsin With A Heartbreaking Note Saved By Police Officers

A heart-wrenching incident that occurred in the city of Platteville, Wisconsin, sheds light on the ever-growing concern of stray and abandoned dogs that require immediate attention and efforts to ensure their safety and well-being. 

Countless furry friends are being left to fend for themselves across the nation, each with a different past and a possible traumatic experience. 

Just like little Lola, who literally jumped at the opportunity to be saved. 

‘Take Me To A Shelter…’

dog in a cage with bowl food
Source: Platteville WI Police Department 

On the 25th of August 2023, the Platteville Police Department (PPD), in Wisconsin, posted about an abandoned dog in their city. 

It is not uncommon for this police department to respond to a call regarding a loose animal; however, this particular instance was atypical as the dog was accompanied by a written note. 

When the police officer arrived at Mound View Park and Campground, where the resident had spotted the loose dog, this female pup immediately jumped into the police car. 

“This sweet girl came right over to the officer and jumped in the squad,” said in the Facebook post. 

However, after examining the pup further, the police officer noticed something unusual about her. The pink collar around her neck seemed to have something attached to it.

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“Upon further inspection, the officer discovered this note attached to the pink collar the dog was wearing,” the post added. 

 Attached to the collar of the dog was a handwritten note, which read: 

“Please help. Take me to a shelter. My name is LOLA.”

note on the desk
Source: Platteville WI Police Department

Upon reading the note and looking at the dog’s soulful eyes, the officer couldn’t help but feel saddened by the whole situation. 

This sweet girl was clearly abandoned by her owners, which is, according to the municipal ordinance, illegal in Platteville.  

Lola’s (P)Update 

“We are asking for the public’s assistance in finding Lola’s original “owners”. We would like to speak with them. Thank you in advance,” the police department said. 

Lola’s story grabbed the attention of the public, with everyone wondering what had happened to her and why someone would abandon her in such a way. 

While the PPD investigated her background, Lola was transferred to Platteville Veterinary Clinic, which actively searched for her new forever home. 

nice dog standing in a shelter
Source: Platteville Veterinary Clinic

Luckily, it didn’t take long since only a week later, this precious girl was adopted. 

Both the PPD and the veterinary clinic updated the public by saying that Lola was adopted and is headed to a fabulous new forever home. 

Sweet Lola, we wish you nothing but happiness in your new home, and may you never be abandoned ever again. 

*At the time of writing this article, no further information about the police investigation regarding Lola’s previous owner has been released. 

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