Dog Had To Do A Double Take After Seeing A Familiar Face In Front Of Her Door

Sofie, a beautiful German Shepherd pup, and her dad, Austin, have always had a really strong bond. 

They were pretty much inseparable until one day, Austin had to leave for a while. As he is a part of the U.S. Armed Forces, Austin got an order for a six-month deployment. 

Serving in the military is not easy, nor is leaving your family behind. Six months may not seem long to you, but to a dog who loves you wholeheartedly, that time apart might seem like an eternity. 

These reunions that never fail to tug at our heartstrings are always filled with sheer joy, and they show us exactly how great the connection between soldiers and their furry confidants is. 

“Dad, Is That Really You?”

the dog runs when it sees its owner
Source: Ally Ross via The Dodo

Ally Ross and Austin got Sofie when she was still a small puppy, and from that moment on, her and Austin were inseparable. 

“She loves him so much,” Ally told The Dodo. 

When Austin had to leave for his deployment, Sofie couldn’t understand why her dad was leaving her. “After he left, she would still go into our bedroom and look for him,” Ally said. 

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She was sad and did not know if he would ever come back. 

Luckily, six months later, Austin had successfully completed his deployment and could return home. 

a man holds a puppy in his hands and caresses it
Source: Ally Ross via The Dodo

Both Ally and Austin knew that Sofie would be completely over the moon with his return, so they decided to make it a surprise. 

Ally thankfully filmed everything. 

Austin was still in his military uniform, standing in their garden, when Ally opened their front door and let Sofie out. 

Sofie was, of course, eager to go outside, but when she spotted her dad standing in front of her, she was completely taken aback with the sight. 

She couldn’t believe her eyes. Sofie stood still for a second, almost as if she was saying, ‘Daddy, is that really you?’

Her disbelief quickly turned into sheer happiness and crazy zoomies. Her long-awaited military dad was finally home with her! 

That was surely the best day in sweet Sofie’s life. 

Here’s a heartwarming video of their reunion:

Both Austin and Ally couldn’t help but shed a tear at how incredibly excited Sofie was. “Oh, I definitely cried,” Ally said. 

There is nothing that can compare to the pure love that dogs have for their owners.

“Now that he’s home, they go on runs and adventures together. Best buds for sure,” Ally told The Dodo. 

a young couple takes a picture with their dog
Source: Ally Ross via The Dodo

Hopefully, Austin will never have to leave his little girl, but if he does, she will surely wait for him until the day he returns home once again.

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