Dog Jumps Into An Owner’s Car And Accidentally Crashes It Into A Wall

As we all know, cars are very serious and difficult machines, which should be operated only by people who are trained to do so.

They should also be operated by adult human beings. However, that was not the case in today’s story.

Accidental Crash 

the dog on its hind paws leaning on the woman is looking at the camera with its tongue out
Source: Gustavo Kurka via The Dodo

As Gustavo Kurka was getting ready to head out from his home, he noticed that his dogs were still playing on the street.

Reversing his car, putting it in neutral, and stepping out, Gustavo gathered his pups into the gated yard.

However, not all of the pups went into the yard. One of his dogs, Apolo, noticed that his owner left the door of his car open and decided that he wanted to go for a ride.

a black dog runs towards an open car
Source: Gustavo Kurka via The Dodo

As soon as Gustavo noticed Apolo, he ran to the other side of the car, hoping that he would manage to get Apolo out that way.

Just as he opened the passenger door, Apolo switched the gear into drive, causing the car to start moving again.

Apolo managed to safely jump out, making Gustavo run and try to catch up to the moving vehicle.

Luckily, a security camera managed to capture the whole thing; otherwise, I don’t think many would believe Gustavo stating that a dog crashed his car.

Take a look:


Thankfully, nobody got hurt, well… except for the car.  

The car did crash into a neighbor’s wall, leaving it with a very big scratch on the bumper.

dog with tongue out
Source: Gustavo Kurka via The Dodo

Some may think that Gustavo has a very good reason to be angry at Apolo, whose mischief almost put him in grave danger, but this proud doggo dad is not holding it against him.

“The dog doesn’t understand. He doesn’t know what he did. Thank God nothing happened other than material damage,” said Gustavo Kurka.

Say No To Punishment

The approach this dog owner took is truly incredible and inspiring.

Many dogs aren’t really aware of what they are doing, let alone of the fact that some of their actions may have consequences.

So, using some harsh methods of punishment can negatively impact the relationship you have with your dog.

It can not only lead to the development of fear and anxiety with your pup, but they can also turn aggressive and defensive. This is because they feel the need to protect themselves and assert dominance.

Dogs are best motivated and trained with positive reinforcement, rewards, and patience. As well as ensuring the well-being of your pup, these methods will also create a strong, healthy, and trusting relationship.

Please, next time your dog does something you do not approve of, try to remember that your furry friend might not know that what they are doing is wrong, so try to be understanding and do not be harsh!

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