Dog Keeps Showing Up On Couple’s Porch, Then Something Amazing Happens

When a mystery dog started appearing in front of their porch, the couple who lived in the house were left quite confused.

Coming once every single week, the dog would patiently sit, as if she knew that this was the place she was meant to be all along.  

Mystery Dog

dog posing for picture

The couple, Jane and Matt, did the responsible thing and tried to find out who she belonged to, but since she had no collar or tag, that was a hard thing to do.  

So, they figured out a clever way to solve this problem. By tying a note around her neck, saying, “Hey, please call us”, they were sure that somebody was going to reach out and reclaim this adorable pup.

5 months had passed and they still received no call. The dog was getting significantly thinner and it was obvious that she had no intention of leaving.

Since it started getting really cold outside, the couple decided to bring her inside for just one night. She was given a good bath and a nice, warm bed to sleep in.

dog and owner laying

However, since they still believed that this was somebody’s dog, in the morning, they let her outside again, hoping somebody would recognize her. The dog had another plan. 

She decided she was not going to leave the couple, so she patiently sat on the front porch for the rest of the day. And, from that day forward, she was there to stay.

“We didn’t have a choice, she adopted us,” said Jane, her new mom. 

dog in hands of owner

Later on, they did manage to find the owners who were more than happy to give away their dog to Jane and Matt. 

And, the dog, now called Mama Bear, found her new forever home. 

New Home 

At first, Mama Bear was a bit skittish and shy. It was obvious that she wasn’t used to being indoors that much.

Their other dog, Cali, was extremely jealous of her new dog sibling. She didn’t quite understand who this new dog was and why her parents were constantly around her.

However, it didn’t take long for Cali to warm up to her new sister. Only 5 days later, they were zooming around the house and playing in the yard together.  

dog running on the snow

Mama Bear’s personality started coming out with every passing day that she was with her new family. 

Even though Mama Bear and Cali are polar opposites – Cali, being more on the calmer side, while Mama Bear was full of energy and excitement, they had no trouble finding a way to enjoy themselves together.

We’re so happy to have Mama Bear with us. I think she’s a blessing. I will do everything in my power to make her happy, to protect her, to just give everything I can for her to live the best life she could ever imagine.  

Mama Bear is truly loving her new life. The love of her new parents and dog sibling really made her come out of her shell.

white and black dog

Final Word 

I am so grateful to Jane and Matt for doing the right thing and trying to find the owners first, and for taking Mama Bear in when they found out she was no longer wanted. 

Please remember that if you no longer want your dog, do not just leave it on the cold and harsh streets – bring it to your local animal shelter and give it another chance at a happy life

They deserve it!

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