Dog Labeled As Aggressive Saved Just Hours Before Being Euthanized

It’s beyond sad to learn how many dogs end up in shelters and on euthanasia lists. The situation in the States is somehow manageable, but there are still so many dogs waiting to be rescued, yet so many dogs ending up on such lists.

The truth is ugly: euthanasia lists still exist because some dogs are simply…hopeless.

Animal shelters are not all sugar, spice, and everything nice. It’s not only what you see in the movies: a kennel with happy pups waiting to be adopted. Some cases are too problematic to be solved. 

Some dogs arrive malnourished, neglected, and heartbroken. Losing faith in hoomans is the worst thing a dog could experience. 

During my many years as a volunteer in my local animal shelters, I saw everything. Sometimes, you just have to swallow a bitter pill and turn your head the other way because there’s nothing you can do.

But, none of those cases broke my heart the way Edie did. When I saw a video of her being rescued off the list, I felt my heart shattering into pieces. Faith in humanity was restored. 

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Edie’s Salvation

white poodle confused in a box
Source: YouTube

When Edie, a fuzzy-haired white girl, arrived at the Hope For Paws shelter in Lancaster, she was in terrible condition: malnourished, all tangled up, and clearly suffering from lack of trust. Edie was labeled as an aggressive dog, and we all know how such dogs end up.

Potential adopters always skip dogs that have behavior issues. The reason is simple: working with them demands a whole new level of care, professionalism, and dedication. 

But, someone from above said Edie should not be written off that easily. 

Despite being marked as aggressive, one of the volunteers saw potential in Edie just an hour before falling asleep forever. 

When Eldad Hagar found out there was a dog like Edie in their shelter that was about to be put under, he knew he had to react and give her a second chance. Eldad believed in her even when Edie believed everything was coming to an end. 

Cornered, with fear striking from her eyes, and hopeless yelps escaping her tiny body, Edie stood there crying for help. She did not like it when Eldad put a leash around her neck. 

the dog is confused and runs away from the owner
Source: YouTube

Edie fought like never before, afraid Eldad was just one more human there to hurt her. 

It took a few janks and Eldad was finally able to reach out, grab Edie, and put her in his lap.

a dog on a man's lap
Source: YouTube

Time froze for a second. A flash of recognition ran across Edie’s face as she realized Eldad was not there to harm her; he was there to show her love… something she almost forgot existed.

the dog lies on the tiles while the man caresses it
Source: YouTube

Edie calmed down within seconds. As the volunteer stroked her fuzzy hair, Edie’s whole body relaxed, and she invited Eldad to give her more cuddles. It didn’t take long for Edie to roll over and offer her belly for scratches. 

a man strokes a dog's stomach
Source: YouTube

The poor, fluffy, mixed-breed dog went from being scheduled for euthanasia to being rescued miraculously. 

a woman caresses a dog that has just woken up
Source: YouTube

Prepare yourself because what you’re about to see are Edie’s final moments as a written-off pup. Watch for her priceless reaction when she sees those are helping hands stroking her.

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Edie’s Furever Home

Just a week later, after being saved in the last moments of overtime, Edie was actually adopted!

Thanks to the good people at Home For Paws, Edie found her furever home. One of the volunteers at the shelter reported that Edie was adopted into a loving family in San Marino, California. 

a woman holds a chihuahua in her arms
Source: YouTube

Fifteen days at the shelter in Lancaster helped this Maltese Poodle mix restore faith in humanity. Edie felt like a brand new dog. She looked like one, too! 

Once sentenced for eternal sleep, this doggie got what she deserved: a home.

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Although Edie’s story is not one of the freshest, I still can’t help myself but tear up a bit. These are real-life proofs that not everything is as it seems. Everyone deserves a second chance and a life filled with love.

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